14 feb. 2010

all the heartshaped candy you can eat

I think all is H&M :x

May you find all the love you need,
all the heartshaped candy you can eat.
Love's around you to receive,
if you only just believe.

Happy Valentine's Day! And don't forget the amazing thing Lookbook is doing: give hearts to your favorite looks and donate 10 cents for every one of them to Haiti!
Have you found your soulmate yet? ;)

5 opmerkingen:

Julls zei

Love the outfit :) ! Well it wasn't like a true true party,it was more like a sleepover :D

Georgie zei

Cute pic!

Yulo zei

i like this sooo much!

B a la Moda zei

Is this the IKEA heart? I had one for 7 years!

B* a la Moda

Valerie zei

so cute
great blog, follow and comment my