30 nov. 2008

oh, my lady victoria.. (#2)

As I promised, my very own Victorian looks, modern style of course. I wouldn't have thought it would work out this well.. Of course you could do a better job but for my laziness, it's quite good.

Shirt, skirt: gift - Purse: gift (Guess) - Hat: my mom's - Shoes: little shop in Portugal - Gloves: H&M.

Blue shirt, purse: my mom's - Dress: Ross - Skirt: French market - Blazer: H&M.

These looks actually wearable on a casual day, I think. I got so inspired I wanted to wear it instantly, but I just need a few pairs of tights for under it now, in matching colors. Try going out bare-legged with this weather! It's snowing!

(These are two looks of for. This means there will be a third part of the Victorian posts.)

as she wondered through the night

I've been shopping once again. I didn't buy much, but both my purchases are (by accident) good for the Victorian looks (of which I'll post two today or tomorrow).

Lace leggings and orange angora gloves, both H&M. My outfit for the day:

Sweater, skirt: H&M - Tights: Hema - Shoes: Adidas.

27 nov. 2008

won't keep no promises, no

I think I could be one of those bloggers promising to post stuff tomorrow tomorrow and the day after.. and not do it. I haven't found much time to post, because of this Dutch holiday that I have to buy gifts for and make some 'surprise present' for.. For the rest, I'm also busy with school and activities outside of that.. But today I'll post the three outfits I wore Tuesday, Wednesday and today. (In that order)

Tuesday: Top/shirt: Tommy Hilfiger @ outlet - Skirt: H&M - Tights: Hema? - Shoes: Dr. Adams.

Wednesday: Sweater: some shop in France - White shirt: Tommy Hilfiger @ outlet - Skirt: some gift - Tights: Hema - Belt: my mom's - Shoes: Converse All Star @ V&D

Thursday (today): Hoodie: Madewell (with village on it!) - Jeans: Levi's - Shawl: don't know - Shoes: Dr. Adams.

25 nov. 2008

you've made me so creative.

I have been missing days because I was sick. My mom made it worse than it was, it was just a cold and I'm only a bit sniffy now. I'll probably post my outfit from today tomorrow, because I just don't feel like it.. sorry! 
I also haven't been dressing up Victorian style, because I found out about the pathetic amount of laces and bows in my wardrobe. I'll just have to improvise to the fullest, that's not really the problem, it's more that I don't feel like anything today.. that's what sickness does to you! But for now, a few inspiring people. There's nothing wrong about that, now is there?

(Photos: The SartFace Hunter.)

22 nov. 2008

oh, my lady victoria.. (#1)

I've always been some kind of interested in and amazed by the pretty long gowns full of bows and lace that were worn in the Victorian Age. I feel it could be a great inspiration but also quite a challenge, to portray this look in modern way. I suppose you could just walk around with long veils on a dress that reaches far behind you and makes people trip, but how great it may sound, it's not way too convenient in the 21st century.

I'll try and get something out of my wardrobe sometime to "fake" all of this Victorian beauty, and I'd love to see you dress up as well if you'd like. Get out anything lacy, bowy and elegant and see what you can do! I can't be the only one who loves this look..

20 nov. 2008

Why to love 'Moschino'.

A few reasons why I love the Moschino brand so much.. in picture.

First three are fall 2008, second three are spring 2009, last five are my favorite, Moschino Cheap and Chic spring 2008.


No, I will not clean my room now. Some other time.. Today's outfit:
NOTE: in the last picture it looks like my chest is a little big. It's the shirt, trust me.

Shortsleeve: H&M - Longsleeve(s): H&M - Skirt: H&M - Tights: H&M - Shoes: Converse All Star @ V&D Amstelveen.

19 nov. 2008

pretty guys and pretty girls.

Photo's: Face Hunter, Glam Canyon, The Sartorialist, Hoy Fashion.
Could you have too much inspiration?

DIY: headband thingie.

OK, this isn't really a DIY as it's more just a tip of what you could do.. you've probably seen it before because it isn't my own creation or anything but I can tell you how I made one of these headbands:

First of all you take two or more (I've got the 3 primaries..) strings of cotton (or some other fabric), all the same length. Remember that the more strings you use, the thicker the headband will be.
The literal translation for the method I've used here would be finger hooking but I don't know what it's really called.

1. Tie the strings together by making a loop at one of the ends.
2. Put your finger (best to use your forefinger of you none-writing hand) through the loop.
3. Wind the strings on the shorter end around your finger once, without tie-ing them together.
4. If you did it the right way you're supposed to have two loops around your finger now. So pull the back one (the tied one) over the other one and off your finger and pull it tight.

If you do the same thing over and over again, I hope it'll work for you. If not, I'll try to make a video someday. Good luck =)

At the end, tie the end together and there! You've (probably..) got a headband.

Note: You could also try to braid it normally, but for me it came out looking a bit worse.