27 nov. 2008

won't keep no promises, no

I think I could be one of those bloggers promising to post stuff tomorrow tomorrow and the day after.. and not do it. I haven't found much time to post, because of this Dutch holiday that I have to buy gifts for and make some 'surprise present' for.. For the rest, I'm also busy with school and activities outside of that.. But today I'll post the three outfits I wore Tuesday, Wednesday and today. (In that order)

Tuesday: Top/shirt: Tommy Hilfiger @ outlet - Skirt: H&M - Tights: Hema? - Shoes: Dr. Adams.

Wednesday: Sweater: some shop in France - White shirt: Tommy Hilfiger @ outlet - Skirt: some gift - Tights: Hema - Belt: my mom's - Shoes: Converse All Star @ V&D

Thursday (today): Hoodie: Madewell (with village on it!) - Jeans: Levi's - Shawl: don't know - Shoes: Dr. Adams.

2 opmerkingen:

The Clothes Horse zei

Great shiny, black oxfords.

Sam zei

Tjah, ik doe soms precies hetzelfde. Dat geld nog steeds voor m'n naaimachine haha. Ik had al 2 maanden geleden dat ding gepost moeten hebben