5 jul. 2009

we've revoluted so fast

I know the word above isn't actually a word.. it should be, though.

This is my last post before I leave for France! We're leaving as soon as possible tomorrow and now I'm waiting for the laundry to dry, and for the rest I'm pretty much ready to go :) I thought I'd show you the things I bought yesterday:

Sandals. I needed summer shoes and first wanted to buy them in the H&M, but couldn't find any. Then my mom said: 'Let's check at the HEMA,' and that's this not really fashion-y warehouse kind of shop so I wasn't too impressed.. until I found these almost immediately. 15 euros. They're not heaven when it comes to the comfort, but none like these will ever be. They'll last a summer though :)

The most simple skirt ever, H&M, 5 euros. I was over-dressed yesterday so this was just a solution-buy ;) Could always come in handy..

A linen top from the.. Zara? Honestly, that store is to me the crowdiest, most illogical store there is. But it was sale and I found this and loved it. 15 euros.

2 euros. Need I say any more? :p

A playsuit for 9 euros. Again, no more words necessary..

I bought this beach dress a while ago (9,90) and haven't worn it yet.. But it's really cute :p

These are my goodbye words. GOODBYE. I'll seriously miss you guys, and I hope that you believe it :) Have a great great greatest summer vacation and I'll see you in three weeks! :D

2 jul. 2009

too much drama for a middle school

Shirt, Abercrombie & Fitch. Velvet shorts, H&M.

A simple day, but way too hot for anything else. In fact, these shorts were too hot as well but I had to wear them because pretty much the rest is in the wash or packed for the...


Title inspired by some bad experiences my mom is having. She's a middle school teacher at a Montessori school, but now that the principal has gone nuts and totally un-Montessori-ish, she's fired and replaced and everyone is being hectic and kids are even screaming names to the principal in her face and they are not the kind of words that should be coming from a twelve year-old. There are only three out of at least twelve teachers over there that aren't mad with her YET. Those are the kiss-asses who will do anything anyone says just to keep their job and tell everybody how amazingly great they are.

Except, their classes weren't cleaning the class room out of themselves when the teacher was a little late. That was my mom's class. Oh yeah, she's such a bad teacher..