8 mrt. 2010


Okay so if you hadn't quite noticed yet: I quit. I simply can't handle a blog along with school, tumblr, a diary, the band me and friends started, going out with friends, and.. well pretty much a social life makes it impossible for me to continue posting frequently.
You know, maybe in half a year or so I'll reconsider it and start over again, maybe under a new name or maybe with this one still. But right now I just don't feel like it anymore. And once a hobby starts feeling like an obligation, I say quit it. It's not right.
Pity though because in my opinion my outfits started getting better.. But you know, I would have posted them if I simply wanted to put the effort in it. Don't feel insulted because I didn't: 'it's not you, it's me.' And I mean it too.
Other bloggers should just keep up their discipline, will power and amazing posts because I'll still visit their blogs!

Whoo, it feels better once you've officially announced it :') Until whenever!