8 mrt. 2010


Okay so if you hadn't quite noticed yet: I quit. I simply can't handle a blog along with school, tumblr, a diary, the band me and friends started, going out with friends, and.. well pretty much a social life makes it impossible for me to continue posting frequently.
You know, maybe in half a year or so I'll reconsider it and start over again, maybe under a new name or maybe with this one still. But right now I just don't feel like it anymore. And once a hobby starts feeling like an obligation, I say quit it. It's not right.
Pity though because in my opinion my outfits started getting better.. But you know, I would have posted them if I simply wanted to put the effort in it. Don't feel insulted because I didn't: 'it's not you, it's me.' And I mean it too.
Other bloggers should just keep up their discipline, will power and amazing posts because I'll still visit their blogs!

Whoo, it feels better once you've officially announced it :') Until whenever!


18 feb. 2010

fall shows

It's not even March yet!

14 feb. 2010

all the heartshaped candy you can eat

I think all is H&M :x

May you find all the love you need,
all the heartshaped candy you can eat.
Love's around you to receive,
if you only just believe.

Happy Valentine's Day! And don't forget the amazing thing Lookbook is doing: give hearts to your favorite looks and donate 10 cents for every one of them to Haiti!
Have you found your soulmate yet? ;)

9 feb. 2010


Shirt, vintage. Skirt, H&M. Cardigan, Benetton. Tights, Hema. Laceups, H&M.

Oh yes, I'm still alive^^ I've just been.. busy? Not really. Lazy? Heck yeah. Plus, these last days I've been really active on twitter and I've created a tumblr: i promise me. I'd tried containing one before about a year ago, and it went badly, and I had nothing to post, but now I do. Hehe.

This outfit is actually from Saturday, when we had dinner at Kagetsu. I promisepromisepromise, that I'll try and post a lot again, but when I don't, follow my tumblr and twitter if you really care to know what I'm up to. Another excuse? It's reaaally cold out (like two-tights-is-far-from-enough-cold) and so I have little to no variety in my outfits. Boooring. Haha.


4 feb. 2010

ooh i loved that movie just as soon as you said you did

Sweater, H&M. Shirt, Sergent Major (French kids store). Necklace, made by my sister (pearler beads!) Bracelets, from my childhood.

Okay, you guys, I don't get why I'm still single with this kind of humor:
Yes, believe it. My mom and I were talking about how I don't own a proper pair of slippers and always parade around the house on my socks. And don't blame me: I had a phase. Got over it soon enough, because it cost me all my allowance, but yes I was into trends and yes, on one cold winter day I biked all the way across the city for.. fake Uggs. UGGGH! And now, they serve as my special keep-your-toes-warm dwarf shoes: with laces! My mom and I DIY-ed this at eleven yesterday night!
You can say all you want about it, but you can't deny that it's original.

And it keeps-my-toes-warm ;)

3 feb. 2010

calm peaceful lover

for the calm-

for the peaceful-

for the lover-

31 jan. 2010



I laugh at the women with ten-inch heels trying to parade elegantly through the snow.

30 jan. 2010

this makes my head melt when i close my eyes

watch me now

Sweater, my dad's work (free). Collar/shirt, vintage (queen's day). Bracelets, childhood. Watch necklace, market.

I bought this watch necklace a pretty long time ago, but never really wear it.. too bad because it's beautiful! But I saw a lot of people wearing them lately and it reminded me of mine.. So today I wore it while visiting the Bagels and Beans with my friends. I had a tuna salad bagel, and a lovely moccachino that tasted just like hot choco with cafeine in it^^ Also I bought the book Looking for Alaska by John Green because it got a lot of great reviews.. I read some fragments before and it seemed very good :)

How was your Saturday?

29 jan. 2010

you shouldn't say that in god's presence

Shirt, my dad's old. Tights, unknown. Skirt (the blue^^), H&M. Plimsoles, H&M.

This shirt is very comfortable :) it's a little big and the color is doubtful, but it's amazing. Especially for a free take-over from my dad, hehe.

Now it's bloglovin' and getting-back-to-your-comments-time!

26 jan. 2010

war scar

Woolen sweater & patch jeans, H&M..

Fuzzy messy picture. Fuzzy messy shoulder.

24 jan. 2010


I found these super adorable drawings! They're by artist Elisa Sassi, and I couldn't not share them with you guys. It could be that you already know her, because some of it looks familiar to me too. But still.

source: designcomlimao/ffffound/flickr/arspace

22 jan. 2010


Shirt, gift from my dad (Zara). Striped dress, H&M. Tights, Hema. Plimsoles, H&M.

I looooove this shirt that my dad bought me at his three-day trip to Milan.

Milano Milano Milano.

And these plimsoles/lace-ups/flats/whatever you like calling 'em (I say plimplimplim.) are very comfy :) And were only 10 euros at the airport! Hehe.

And purple tights.. ah well a 'small hint' of color, and I love colored tights :D You should see my tights-drawer. Yes I have one. And it's treasured deeply.

PS. I put all my stuff on lookbook first so I might sometimes forget to post outfits..

20 jan. 2010

death isn't really healthy

Collar, a polo from my dad's work. Breton pull, shop in France. Cardigan, Benetton. Skirt, H&M. Tights, Hema. Chucks, Converse.

I found a photographer :) you can guess who it is! Haha. Good luck with that.

18 jan. 2010


Haha I can show my face again. And I solved my camera problem altogether. Here's a drawing of what I wore today!I hope the text is legible.. I'm often told I have a messy hand writing. I've had several in my life and to me, this is the most legible one yet! ;)
And look what amazing socks I bought for one euro at the Hema :D

15 jan. 2010


Shirt, Hema.

Goals for this week
- bake cookies
- go to the city
- send my friends postcards
- record some birds :)
- make a feelgood playlist
- go to the forest or beach (if someone will join)
- don't curse :x
- notice details
- say yes to most/all offers, but don't lie
- clean out my closet and donate the throwaways to the Salvation Army

13 jan. 2010


I was assigned today at piano class to practice a new piece for next week. After about a month and a half of Unfaithful, I was up for it. La Valse d'Amelie by Yann Tiersen! I think both that man and the movie of Amelie are genius. I normally can't stand foreign films, but Amelie I'd watch over and over again. The story, the cutesy, the details, the picture.. Yes the picture. Amelie was filmed in such a way that the colors are always extraordinary, no matter what scene.

Also I heard today that I can still go to Paris for a school trip! So now I have to write a good letter and maybe I'll go explore the fashion capital with all bits and bobs attached. Vie superbe.

12 jan. 2010


Doll Parts, Natasha Poly
V Magazine January/February 2010
Jacket, Roberto Cavalli
Ruffle-top with pearls, Marc Jacobs
source: fashiongonerogue

11 jan. 2010


Jeans, H&M? Shoes, Sascha. Sweater.. hmm what should I say. Free? On it's way to Salvation Army? Lucky find? Decked in white paint splatters because of art class today, unable to probably ever get them out but hey the sweater was free and by the way it looks very creative?

10 jan. 2010

well it's a possibility

This creeps me out.
Is it a hat? Is it a Japanese umbrella? No, it's Lady Gaga's very own hair!

And Gaga she is.
What do you think of her as a singer/fashion icon/person?

source: nydailynews

9 jan. 2010

sample sale

Today I spent at the barber first. After that, we went to my dad's office. You see: he was working on this campaign and the company it was for, sent hundreds of shirts/sweaters/hoodies/polos. There were a lot left after the campaign, so we were 'invited' to come see and grab what we wanted. The rest'd go to the Salvation Army. I do feel very sorry for the less unfortunate but I came home with:

6 basic shirts: cobalt blue, bright blue, light pink, grey, lime green and black.
4 polos: white, yellow, dark grey and black.
3 sweaters: grey, black and dark blue (the last one is XXL mens so HUGE.)
1 hoodie: light blue.

So I've got my share of free clothing for this.. week? Month? Year? Well you could never have enough =# And if I end up not wearing it I'll personally send it to the SA :)

Remember these? I did the counting backwards now, like for on the piano ;)

I decided to do a 'what's in my bag'-photo. It's nothing exiting or anything.
- A little bag for my phone (and my phone, used for pictures)
- A black pen (I took my notebook out last-minute so kind of useless)
- To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Inspired by my dad the Noisettes I started reading this for school. It's really good!
- Tissues
- Bike lights
- Keys
- Liquorice drops

Upstairs and outside. Boy it was cold today!

Hey we got hungry. And thirsty. And greedy at last. Sinful us.

So how was your Saturday? :)

Ps. I wasn't supposed to prove global warming wrong in the last post, I'm sorry. I do believe in it, that's not it, but I'm actually wondering if it won't do the Dutch winters a pleasure.. if it wouldn't kill all the Dutchmen first :D

7 jan. 2010

global warming say what?

Shirt, vintage. Cardigan, Ross. Jeans, H&M. Lace-up boots, Sascha.

I've been living in these shoes lately ^^ they are about my only warm and nice ones.. You know why the warm, is necessary? Because global warming was invented by bored, pessimistic people. Europeans out there! Look outside and tell me you still believe in the theory that has shocked the world. We're all going to die, what? Hot weather, excuse me? It's -5 degrees Celsius out there, supposed to feel like -10, which is.. 14 degrees for all the Americans :) Yes people, it's the heat that'll kill you -.-'

6 jan. 2010


Sweater, dress, tights.. all H&M =# I really have to stop that. It's just that I bought two sweaters, two shirts, a pair of jeans, a dress and a skirt at H&M recently, and.. okay okay I'll confess, I'm a freak for the store. It's just.. magnificent :) This sweater was 9 euros in the sale (it's mens btw)! Yes, you get my fetish now?
(Yes I figured mirror pictures will do for now. I should get professional, get a personal photographer ^^)

It's so beautiful outside now. Cars driving at camping-speed. Even the tramlines above the streets, stop signs, thin tree branches and all the bikes are covered in snow. When on the top of the bridge, a view of a frozen lake with little boats stuck in between (ours too..): it's still pure because no one dares walking the ice.. yet.
Stomping my feet against the stairs to get the snow off, taking off my shoes before going in. When having turned the key with half frozen hands, a smell of food: 'Capuchin dish' we call it. I felt a strong desire to yell 'Mom, dad, I'm home!' throughout the house. In fact I kind of did. Yes, I live for summer days but I'd truly miss the winter if I'd move southward.

5 jan. 2010

inspirational not occasional

You know this daily blogging is really good for me? I'm getting all worked into the fashion-ness again! Tis been a while that I went to style.com, thefashionspot and nymag.com on my own initiative.. Oh yeah while at the second, because I thought let's see what the new year's got on magazines: February covers. What? Isn't it just the fifth of JANUARY, people?!
So here, because it's been 'only a century' since people were like this. And okay, okay, a little news too. Or, news: these were out, like, October last year already. Hear my words: Spring 2010 shows were made a year ago and shown in July 2009. Just saying. Defending my 'oh-my-god-that's-so-last-year'-moment.

(fashion-era.com, style.com)

4 jan. 2010

white january

It snowed today, during school. Was a beautiful sight from the third floor my art class took place. And when I got home I took pictures, just for you guys :)

Okay, I must admit it looked a little better in real life. But a girl in my class said today: 'You should post something everyday, just for fun. Then you gain trust.' Haha. So here I am :) soon enough too you'll see the magnificent sweater I bought- magnificent is the only appropraite word right now. But I got my dad's old iPhone for Christmas and it doesn't have a self-picturemakerthing. Or such. So no outfit pictures anytime soon I think :(

Enjoy winter while it lasts! I can't believe I, the one who can't take a simple chill without dying of cold, am telling you that but yes. Enjoy.