13 jan. 2010


I was assigned today at piano class to practice a new piece for next week. After about a month and a half of Unfaithful, I was up for it. La Valse d'Amelie by Yann Tiersen! I think both that man and the movie of Amelie are genius. I normally can't stand foreign films, but Amelie I'd watch over and over again. The story, the cutesy, the details, the picture.. Yes the picture. Amelie was filmed in such a way that the colors are always extraordinary, no matter what scene.

Also I heard today that I can still go to Paris for a school trip! So now I have to write a good letter and maybe I'll go explore the fashion capital with all bits and bobs attached. Vie superbe.

6 opmerkingen:

saamielola zei

Ik ben juist dol op buitenlandse films, waaronder ook Amelie. Ze heeft je echt in haar greep. Veel plezier in Parijs en veel foto’s trekken he!

Zenobie zei

Every time I watch that film I have the urge to cut my hair!

the gorgeous zei

I really agree, the light of this film is so beautiful!

Panda zei

Just stumbled upon your blog,
and i laaaave it.
These are such stunning pictures (L)
*follows you*
Panda xx

JMay zei

J'adore Amelie!!!


Love your blog too :-)

kimi zei

Oh I played this piece too. It's kind of hard because it's so fast but it's also really beautiful.