5 jan. 2010

inspirational not occasional

You know this daily blogging is really good for me? I'm getting all worked into the fashion-ness again! Tis been a while that I went to style.com, thefashionspot and nymag.com on my own initiative.. Oh yeah while at the second, because I thought let's see what the new year's got on magazines: February covers. What? Isn't it just the fifth of JANUARY, people?!
So here, because it's been 'only a century' since people were like this. And okay, okay, a little news too. Or, news: these were out, like, October last year already. Hear my words: Spring 2010 shows were made a year ago and shown in July 2009. Just saying. Defending my 'oh-my-god-that's-so-last-year'-moment.

(fashion-era.com, style.com)

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Rebecca, The Clothes Horse zei

I love those illustrations! You know, whenever bloggers complain about a lack of inspiration, I always think: just get regular about things. Sometimes motivation to keep plugging away leads to all sorts of interesting things.