29 jun. 2009

you'll be kidding me like a little kid

Shirt, men's WE (my dad's). Skirt, H&M. Purple sequin scarf, dress up box.

I'm going to lend my dad's clothes more often in the future. They're just so comfy and laid-back and.. stuff.

This headband-scarf-thing is the best disco-themed thing I own. So amazing and versatile :)

This skirt is good too when not high-waist. Haha. If only I'd found out earlier.. oh, the possibilites..

Ok now I'm simply whining and I don't know why because I'm in a good enough mood alright..

Alright :) buh-bye.

28 jun. 2009

the biggest change you've ever seen

Tuesday. Cardigan, H&M Young. Playsuit & leggings, H&M.

I'm not the biggest fan of leggings (though I own a lot of pairs, I make them look like tights with the help of socks or a little stretching) and so I came up with a way to make them more.. different. Or something. I rolled them up. I thought it might have the same effect like it does on tees when you roll the sleeves, that they just look better. I'm not sure if it does though, what do you think?

Thursday: all H&M! I just noticed really.. also, I didn't know what to wear and these things were all still on the pile of clothes in my room (of stuff I've worn already but aren't dirty yet) and I thought the vest and playsuit was a good combination.

Friday. Shirt, Abercrombie & Fitch. Top under, mom's old. Skirt, vintage by Zipper.
I own exactly three pieces from A&F, all shirts: This one, a green one which is cute but in-versatile, and one with a logo which I don't wear except for under shirts and stuff.. Kind of an impulse in the label-phase of my life.

Today. Shirt, dad's old :) Stone wash jeans, C&A. (Headband came with a shirt I bought yesterday)

The C&A is a department store where I never buy anything. A few days ago however, when we came back from the library and we had to seek shelter for the rain, we went there. I bought these jeans because they were close enough to acid wash ones and I can't DIY because my mom doesn't want our washing machine to explode from the bleach or something. I also bought a tee with shoes on them (shoes are NEVER wrong) and an amazing green tie-dye top. You'll see, sometime soon.
This shirt is really comfy and since I haven't left the house today (woops) there's nothing bad about casual.

Also.. my holidays have begun! I'm officialy done with school and have no work left, all is finished. I have to do some baby-sitting the next couple of days, though, and we have a school dance and a class barbecue in the park, and me and my friends are having a sleep-over and I have to return my books. Then, less than two weeks from now, we're going to France! This means being lazy, making friends you'd usually never hang out with and.. no blogging. For three weeks :( you might not believe it since I blog so unfrequently but I'll miss it. And you. And I'm really not looking forward to having 400+ posts on Bloglovin' but I'll patiently read them all. For all of you already on vacation: enjoy! I can't get the idea of summer thoroughly in my head yet, but it's true: it's here.

PS. Darnn long post this is :|
PPS. RIP Michael Jackson. It's kind of unbelievable to me, even though I wasn't his biggest fan. I never thought of him as a wrong person or anything, and he was an amazing artist and now he's just.. gone. It's weird.
PPPS. Got a haircut yesterday :)

we trust, we have no choice, we must

Ok, so here I am again with a good enough excuse for being gone for so long, because our internet server simply sucks. There, I said it. Please don't arrest me for putting the word 'suck' on the internet.. twice.. But it's true: all the internet was down for a couple of days and now I'm writing from my dad's laptop since my computer is still dead. What a communication.

I got a really sweet award from Sam a few days ago! Since I was absent I didn't quite know (yes, I also have about a hundred more posts of yours to go on Bloglovin') I'm only putting it up now..

I'm not completely sure how many people you're supposed to forward this to, but I choose:


I know, I'm not the most popular person here.. :(

Note: The following post is going to include FOUR outfits but since I have to shoot today's look over it could take.. a while.

17 jun. 2009

so your words are technically his

Shirt, my dad's. Skirt, vintage (Zipper).

I have official permission to raid my father's closet and so I have. This was the best thing I found so far, though I didn't browse thoroughly through it yet. I rolled up the sleeves -from all the detail 'fashionalities' I've learned from you guys, this is the most subtle one, but also one of the best. It's some sort of sign of originality or something. I know for sure it's not regular because my friend today was like 'noooo, don't roll 'em up!' and started 'fixing' them but in fact she's the one who wears jeans and Chucks (almost) every day. She does have an amazing brown military jacket though.

Well well. This skirt was the one I bought yesterday at the Zipper, there you saw it, so another picture from the piece on its own isn't necessary. I don't feel like it, anyways. And I still have to photograph my recently-bought bikini, dress and schedule-thingie, but you'll probably see them soon enough..
So it's just the birthday-gift post! Be prepared for the 'longest waiting possible'.

16 jun. 2009


Top, Gap. Longsleeve & shorts, H&M. Tights, Hema. Socks, cut-off tights. Shoes, Zipper.

Kinda grey day for me. By the way, the knot was supposed to be on the back but I like it better like this ;) and the socks are so comfy and slouchy :D

I bought another skirt today, for €10. In a following post, I suppose/hope. In half an hour though I have singing class and after that I'm watching my sister do circus tricks in a real circus tent! Really cool. She can bend all ways and stuff :) creepy though.

15 jun. 2009

and now my independence starts

Here is Saturday's outfit: I didn't do... much. I also had my birthday outfit to show but those pictures are horrid (look at me saying fancy words! ;) ) so I'll spare you that.

Shirt/skirt/leggings, H&M. Cardigan, Benetton. Ski socks, Makro.

See, I was lazy enough to walk around in my home comfy warm socks. (Not outside though.. :) ) It was necessary, too: it wasn't even that warm or anything! And that calls itself June..

I also have a post coming including my birthday gifts, and one for the things I bought yesterday (a bikini-striped, not polka dotted; a beach dress and a school agenda/diary that's totally cute). Now, I'm a little too lazy so you can expect them when they're done. I'm not going to promise you then a spat before there's actual proof of their existence, because you know, me and promises.. :#

13 jun. 2009


1. Information
Kagetsu is a Japanese restaurant located since 2004 in the Hartenstraat and since 2005 in the Van Woustraat, both in Amsterdam. They serve Japanese specialties such as sushi (and sake), but also teriyaki chicken and salmon, seaweed salad and special ice cream in flavors like 'green tea' and 'sesame'.
- The service and menu is all in English
- The people working there are very friendly and the service is good
- The place looks nice and very oriental
- The menus are cool because they have all kinds of drawings :)
- You'll be more sure of a table when making a reservation
- They only accept cash, so no pin/credit card
- In the Van Woustraat it's possible to order take-away
- When it's your birthday, they give you 'treats' ;)
- You get full easily! You wouldn't say so with all the small bites, but do not order too much.

2. Price ranges
- Small/side dishes like sushi or rice will go from about €2,- through €8,-
- The main dishes range from €10,- through €20,-
- The appetizers and soups are €6,- and under
- Deserts are below €5,-
- 'Alcoholic' drinks are around the €5,- because they're Japanese specials, only the Sake (ginjyou) is €14,50
- Non-alcohol drinks are about €3,- though I'm not completely sure, since they're not on a menu. (You can order apple juice, cassis, coke etc. and just a bottle of water)

3. Recommendations
- Appetizers: the Kaisou Sarada (seaweed salad), the Sake Salad (with salmon) and the Takosu (octopus)
- Sushis: Sake-maki (salmon) and the Ebi (shrimp/cucumber/mayonnaise) especially
- Warm dishes: The Teriyaki Chicken and/or Salmon and the chicken noodles
- a bowl of plain rice (I'm a sucker for it.. :) )
- Deserts: Green tea ice cream (all-time favorite!) and the 'rice cake'
- (I recommend the Van Woustraat: in the Hartenstraat it once took very long before we were helped and then the waiter started acting all weird.. (Can I say that? :|) we've only been there once and in the Van Woustraat about four, five times..)

4. Contact
Van Woustraat 29
1074 AB Amsterdam
tel 020 662 73 40
17.00-23.00 opened, Monday's closed

Hartenstraat 17
1016 BZ Amsterdam
tel 020 427 38 28
17.00-23.00 opened, Monday's closed

Mail address for reservations and questions
Website for directions, more pictures, the full menu etc.

dee eye why

My birthday wish list. I'll probably be getting these items myself, but still. (some things are the same as half a year ago)

- a slouchy, preferably navy, shirt (vintage, H&M)
- a body (H&M, ballet shop Le Papillon, vintage?)
- a pair of acid wash jeans (DIY)
- a peter pan collar dress (H&M?, vintage)
- an overall (vintage, flee market)
- gladiator sandals (H&M)
- a pair of high-waist shorts (H&M?, vintage)
- a maxi floral/paisley dress (H&M, Bershka, Zara)
- a The Beatles logo shirt (music store?, vintage)
- floral Dr. Martens (vintage, ebay?)
- espadrille wedges (H&M?, market)
- a briefcase (vintage, flee market)
- a children's suitcase (flee market, market?, vintage?)
- a polka dot bikini or swimsuit (H&M?, vintage)
- a pair of swimming trunks (H&M?, Makro)
- a crinoline/tutu/petticoat/thingie (vintage, Le Papillon)

Wish me luck on finding these things! ;)

12 jun. 2009

in between

You guys definitely reacted well to my idea of making a Guide to Amsterdam. Here are some points about it:

- I'm not going to put all the reviews in one post. Any post considering the guide will be labeled that way. ('Guide')
- Requests are very welcome: I'll start off with the vintage shops and the restaurants we visit, but if you want to know about any other store you can tell me so in a comment.
- It'll not be a daily thing, because I don't have time to visit these places everyday, and if I'm going to do any restaurants.. well, we eat out only so often (today we are though, because it's my birthday :))
- Guide posts will include 1. Information (such as the address, but also a little bit of the background) 2. Price ranges 3. Pictures when that's allowed 4. Buys (shops) and recommendations (restaurants).

I'm really looking forward to doing this! If I feel like it, I'll probably post a review tomorrow about the Japanese restaurant 'Kagetsu', a delicious place where we've eaten a couple of times already..

Yesterday: Sweater, Tommy Hilfiger outlet. Longsleeve under, H&M. Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M Young. Shoes, Zipper.

10 jun. 2009

the brainstorm

Polo, Hema. Skirt, H&M. Cardigan, Benetton. Tights, Hema.

Let me tell you the headband-story that everyone at my home is now familiar with. You know coals, that you use for fire places? Well, they come in sacks. The sack is made of some kind of netting, and it is tied into the form of a bag with a string.

Now you know :)

EDIT: I have some kind of offer. I'd really want to make a sort of guide through Amsterdam, considering vintage shops and flee markets. This way, if you guys ever come over here, you know where to look. Also I have a good reason to visit all these amazing places when needing to write reviews ;) If you're interested, I could list some other shops and maybe even restaurants too.. I'd love to do so, but I'd need some peoples interested alright.. :) 'think about it'.

8 jun. 2009

kiss or diss the swordy fis-h

I just wanted to mention that this song, which isn't new or anything but still, just hypnotizes you. And not only because of its oh-my-goody-ness. It's the melody, too, that gives you this big turning eyes and stuff. Call me a total idiot because everybody else does, but for me it's true.

That's all.

(Felt like Miranda here :# )

6 jun. 2009

i thought it would feel different

Hmm, what should I wear. Let's start with a shirt. That's pretty chilly, though.. Add a vest, keep my torso warm.. Now my arms are cold, so, a cardigan, yes. Such a mismatch though, gotta do something about that.. How about some necklaces to add the messy effect, yes, that one, no, this one.. how about that one? Haven't worn it in a long time..

Cardigan, Benetton. Vest & tree shirt, H&M. Jeans, Levi's. Ladybug necklace, from childhood. Fish necklace, DIY (from key chain).

4 jun. 2009

get cold when i talk to you

A more 'me' outfit, something that has taken a while. This is about my basis, for an uninspirational day (and the way I 'differently' dressed before knowing there was more to it): a high-waisted skirt, tights (preferably colored wildly), and a shirt. There ya go.

Cardigan, H&M Young. Shirt/skirt, H&M. Tights, Hema. Shoes, Zipper.

Forget what I said, in the last post, about H&M and all ;)

Oh, before I forget: I've made Tumblr and Twitter accounts yesterday. (One of each ;) ). Enjoy, or something.. :')

2 jun. 2009

oh the little things you do

Today was HOT. Too bad I didn't quite know.. Me, with my 'should I wear shorts or not' in the morning decided not to, because no one would, right?
Wrong. Even the peoples in my class that never wear anything leg-baring, wore shorts or skirts and stuff. I on the other hand was in jeans. A long-sleeve. (Which I could take off, fortunately, but still. Let's add the drama).

Blue top, Hema. Shirt, vintage. Jeans, Levi's.

I find myself wearing H&M less and less.. the only thing today was my underwear but you didn't really need to know that..