16 jun. 2009


Top, Gap. Longsleeve & shorts, H&M. Tights, Hema. Socks, cut-off tights. Shoes, Zipper.

Kinda grey day for me. By the way, the knot was supposed to be on the back but I like it better like this ;) and the socks are so comfy and slouchy :D

I bought another skirt today, for €10. In a following post, I suppose/hope. In half an hour though I have singing class and after that I'm watching my sister do circus tricks in a real circus tent! Really cool. She can bend all ways and stuff :) creepy though.

5 opmerkingen:

Damsels zei

great tights i reckon
We Were Damsels

Luxi zei

wow-what a great post. I am inlove with your photos <3


The Clothes Horse zei

This is a great outfit. The shorts and tights combo is very cool.

ONiC zei

<3 the tight :D

fritha louise zei

love the look. great tights