28 jun. 2009

the biggest change you've ever seen

Tuesday. Cardigan, H&M Young. Playsuit & leggings, H&M.

I'm not the biggest fan of leggings (though I own a lot of pairs, I make them look like tights with the help of socks or a little stretching) and so I came up with a way to make them more.. different. Or something. I rolled them up. I thought it might have the same effect like it does on tees when you roll the sleeves, that they just look better. I'm not sure if it does though, what do you think?

Thursday: all H&M! I just noticed really.. also, I didn't know what to wear and these things were all still on the pile of clothes in my room (of stuff I've worn already but aren't dirty yet) and I thought the vest and playsuit was a good combination.

Friday. Shirt, Abercrombie & Fitch. Top under, mom's old. Skirt, vintage by Zipper.
I own exactly three pieces from A&F, all shirts: This one, a green one which is cute but in-versatile, and one with a logo which I don't wear except for under shirts and stuff.. Kind of an impulse in the label-phase of my life.

Today. Shirt, dad's old :) Stone wash jeans, C&A. (Headband came with a shirt I bought yesterday)

The C&A is a department store where I never buy anything. A few days ago however, when we came back from the library and we had to seek shelter for the rain, we went there. I bought these jeans because they were close enough to acid wash ones and I can't DIY because my mom doesn't want our washing machine to explode from the bleach or something. I also bought a tee with shoes on them (shoes are NEVER wrong) and an amazing green tie-dye top. You'll see, sometime soon.
This shirt is really comfy and since I haven't left the house today (woops) there's nothing bad about casual.

Also.. my holidays have begun! I'm officialy done with school and have no work left, all is finished. I have to do some baby-sitting the next couple of days, though, and we have a school dance and a class barbecue in the park, and me and my friends are having a sleep-over and I have to return my books. Then, less than two weeks from now, we're going to France! This means being lazy, making friends you'd usually never hang out with and.. no blogging. For three weeks :( you might not believe it since I blog so unfrequently but I'll miss it. And you. And I'm really not looking forward to having 400+ posts on Bloglovin' but I'll patiently read them all. For all of you already on vacation: enjoy! I can't get the idea of summer thoroughly in my head yet, but it's true: it's here.

PS. Darnn long post this is :|
PPS. RIP Michael Jackson. It's kind of unbelievable to me, even though I wasn't his biggest fan. I never thought of him as a wrong person or anything, and he was an amazing artist and now he's just.. gone. It's weird.
PPPS. Got a haircut yesterday :)

7 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

I love your flowerskirt!

Damsels zei

really like the spots on your white wall

Anoniem zei

Those are some very fun outfits! Very summery. =] =]. Congrats with being done with school and I hope you enjoy France! ^_^!

kimi zei

I think these leggings look really good on you and I love the jeans!
Have fun in France. I'm a little bit (okay I'm very) jealous. I still have to suffer through school for one full month!

Sam zei

Zo, dat zijn aardig wat outfits in 1 post! Maar wel allemaal leuk =] En ik heb zelf een enorme haat aan leggins en jij zorgt ervoor dat ik ze leuk vind staan. Seriously xD

Little Bo Peeep zei

I love the last outfit, it's so simple and pale-like.
Owhh wow that's nice spending your summer in France, have fun!

preppygoesrock zei

i am so loving the outfits!!!
check out my blog