31 dec. 2009


All H&M.

I'm kind of in a rush because guests could be arriving soon. I believe this is the first year ever we're having a new year's party at our home!

A few of my resolutions for 2010:
- Take care of myself better, physically and mentally.
- Go out of the house whenever possible.
- Throw parties, pic nics, photoshoots, etc.
- Save money for things I really want.
What are yours? ;)

All I really wanted to say is: I wish you a merry, amazing, mind-blowing 2010. May it turn out the best for you, a year to remember, a year worth the decade-change.

29 dec. 2009

or maybe you should try the liquor, i promise you'll get drunk much quicker

Shirt, my dad's. Cardigan, Hema. Shorts, secondhand. Tights, unknown. Scarf, weird shop..

I got this scarf in a shop that has amazing clearout sales.. always, along with two bowties and a pure silk vest: every piece 1 euro.
The shorts I got when my mom was cleaning her seweing closet and she saved some stuff because of the fabrics. She also gave me a funny overall and a cool-printed shirt :D

These things are what i love to wear most: secondhand or best-deal-ever.
What's your favorite store, or way to get new clothes? ^^

25 dec. 2009


It's Christmas.
I haven't made clear I'm out there in about three weeks.
I have finally found a source of inspiration.
I have New Year's resolutions (that say nothing about blogging, but ah well)
I thought I'd show you what I'm wearing for our family's Christmas dinner.
My fever is over (yes I had one..)
I currently have nothing to do.
It's Christmas.

I promise to you now that 2010 will be better. I mean, I don't know if I can keep it, but I just will have to find a way. Truth is, every time I don't blog I seem to fall into some depression or something. So, it must be good for me. A remedy.

It's Christmas.

1 dec. 2009

i've been alone in how i feel

Jumper dress, H&M Paris. Cardigan, tights, longsleeve, Hema. Chucks, Converse.

I can't believe I've not worn this dress in so long, it's been my favorite and it will be again aah!
okay I know why. I had to iron. but I just.. didn't, today.

Pardon me for my foolishness. It's just that over a week now I've been a total freak. I've been acting.. unusual. Sometimes this meant dancing around the house like crazy (with or without anyone else home), sometimes silly faces, sometimes boredom which led to sarcastic pointless written texts, and sometimes dullness and lameless and energylessness and I'm just like 'whuuuugh' all day. Try picture that. CONCLUDED: I am in love.