29 apr. 2009

i'm being naive and i know it

If there'd be like a Razzie award with the topic of blogs/bloggers, I'd win it all. Seriously.. BUT this time there's somewhat a reason for my absence: my computer has been freaking out, probably with some idiotic virus, and now every time I turn it on it turns itself off every two minutes, then goes back on again and so on. There are at least two or three outfits 'on hold', but first, some better news: tomorrow is Queen's Day!! Me and my friend are going to sell some stuff, containing old hardly-worn clothes and other crappy things.. then, we're going to have money and be able to shop-till-we'll-drop-or-be-knocked-over-by-the-millions-of-Dutchmen-out-there-on-the-street. Still following me? ;) afterwards, when pretty much all the 'stands' (meaning the pieces of fabric loaded with crap and surrounded by pushy people) are gone, there are boxes and garbage bags and racks and racks of STUFF left and it will be FREE.

The day after QD, I'm going on vacation for an entire week (Friday till Friday), so any pictures and left outfits will be posted after that. I hope Texel (this island where we're going) has any cute little shops or anything, but we'll see. We'll all just see. As of my computer: I'm going to ask my dad asap if he can try and help me with it, and otherwise use this laptop (which is a Mac and therefor way better) to upload photos.

Till next week then! x.

P.S. Thanks for the useful tips about the faceless thing! 1. I'd like to just hide my eyes but that's apparently not enough anonymous-ness. 2. I know the blur is distracting and so I'll probably try 3. the face-hiding by hands, hair, turning.. that's pretty good, obvious and neutral ;)

P.P.S. I've made a necklace by putting holes in old-time Looney Tunes 'Flippos' and it's totally cool.

P.P.P.S. There was only one outfit not-posted, so I thought, why not.

Loose tie print-shirt, H&M. Cardigan, Ross. Skirt, H&M. Tights, Hema.

21 apr. 2009

faceless, fearless

So my mom and dad found out about my blog, and because they thought it was 'a good idea' I get to keep it. BUT (there's always a but with parents..): I have to make my face 'invisible' or something like it, because they're creeps out there of size I can't realize. Well, trust me guys, I do: I'm just not entirely stupid enough to make appointments for people wanting a photoshoot with me, which was miraculously just what I'd wished for.. (not) So I'm blurring my visage on all my pics, until I maybe come with a better solution.
I already knew that they would say stuff like this. When they read that, they're either gonna kill me, say 'told you so' of laugh me in my face. Because that's the way my parents are. And happily I can't do anything about it.


Shirt, H&M. Cardigan, H&M. Shorts, Mervyn's. Tights, H&M Young. Shoes, market (€5! I wear them so un-often because they're already broken up and stuff).


Shirt/skirt/tights, H&M. Socks, secondhand (my mom's - they have raspberries!). Shoes, Converse (not quite visible).

16 apr. 2009

he got the death sentence for killing a man

Shirt, Hema (secondhand via my mom). Striped shirt under, H&M. Skirt, secondhand. Striped tights, H&M. Necklace, self made.

I somehow love the cut of this shirt.. it looks a bit like a pajama shirt, right? :p nonetheless I love it for some reason.
Yes, there's a melon slice hanging on my necklace :) the idea came from my sister, who always makes little things with her perler beads. She made this melon thingie once and I thought, that's amazing, so I kinda faked it :p

15 apr. 2009


Cardigan, H&M Young. Top, secondhand. Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M Young. Wayfarers, Zipper.

I got a comment from Renée when I posted this look on Lookbook today! I was kinda stunned, maybe that's an overreaction but I just adore her style and I think it's way cool she's got this amazing job while underage and everything. She's just a great inspiration, don't you think? :)

It was greaaaat weather today. Whilst wearing this I was hot. It was too warm for tights, too warm for a cardigan (though it was my coat today) and too warm even for Converse.. so I switched those to ballerinas last minute. I was kinda surprised, but worried too: it's not a bad thing, but this is what global warming does, even to Holland. But heck, as long as I'm not dying a painful death and I'm able to go out bare-legged in April, I don't mind too much :)

12 apr. 2009

eight tees

Cardigan, Ross. Jeans, Levi's.

I need your opinion on this: could I tuck my cardigan into my jeans like this? Stupid? Weird? OK? Good? 80ies (yes..)?

Sorry for looking tired. Truth is, I'm tired.


Shirt, H&M. Suspenders, H&M. Shorts: DIY cutoffs (Levi's). Hat, Disneyland.

9 apr. 2009

infected days but positive ways

I've decided to not let my, well finally it seems to be, pertussis, get in the way of my 'dressing'. So the first day back to school was about as bright as it can get:

April 8th: polo, Hema - longsleeve, H&M - skirt, H&M - tights, Hema - shoes, Converse - headband, H&M.

And today was like this..:

April 9th: longsleeve, shirtdress, (striped) tights, H&M - shoes, Converse.

And tomorrow it's gonna be hottt. Well, 66 degrees: that's pretty warm to me/us.

7 apr. 2009

spring is here

Springtime, spring weather, spring fever, hay fever.. It's all arrived in Holland too, finally. And because I most likely am not infected with pertussis, I can go to school tomorrow again! Yay! (Which sounds a little weird, but I don't like having to catch up on either friends or school work..) So I'll be dressing better, dressing period, again.

And here are my contributions for the floral weardrobe contest:

Blue floral blouse, H&M - Red floral skirt, secondhand. (shirt under, H&M)

Green polo, Hema - Floral dress, Ross.

And for the previous contest, Short&Sweet:

Shirt, Abercrombie & Fitch - Shorts, Mervyn's - Cardigan, Ross

1 apr. 2009

the questions never asked there's no answer to

Please forgive me. I've abandoned this world of blogging in every single way. So to speak I don't eat, sleep, produce. Meaning I don't feed myself off of you, I don't properly take a rest, and I certainly am not letting you guys know I'm still out here. The problem is, I haven't felt like blogging in all this time. I haven't even been on the web much lately, only to learn for school, or check my email. This sounds less serious than it actually is: it is, was, one of my addictions to spend hours behind this very screen.
Also, now I'm infected with this very bad cough, accompanied by a painful throat ache, and it could be pertussis. We're not sure, but I don't feel too well. Another thing: I'm having a social life! The sun's back out and that means hanging around with friends and family rather than spending free time inside. In this time, I've painted bikes with friends, performed for my singing classes, shopped a hell lot, been to the beach, I've even had a few ice creams!

Please forgive me. I'm now, sleeping for real. Taking an, with this one, announced break from blogging. All I can do now is hope you'll miss me.

x. Fannah