21 apr. 2009

faceless, fearless

So my mom and dad found out about my blog, and because they thought it was 'a good idea' I get to keep it. BUT (there's always a but with parents..): I have to make my face 'invisible' or something like it, because they're creeps out there of size I can't realize. Well, trust me guys, I do: I'm just not entirely stupid enough to make appointments for people wanting a photoshoot with me, which was miraculously just what I'd wished for.. (not) So I'm blurring my visage on all my pics, until I maybe come with a better solution.
I already knew that they would say stuff like this. When they read that, they're either gonna kill me, say 'told you so' of laugh me in my face. Because that's the way my parents are. And happily I can't do anything about it.


Shirt, H&M. Cardigan, H&M. Shorts, Mervyn's. Tights, H&M Young. Shoes, market (€5! I wear them so un-often because they're already broken up and stuff).


Shirt/skirt/tights, H&M. Socks, secondhand (my mom's - they have raspberries!). Shoes, Converse (not quite visible).

8 opmerkingen:

emily zei

ooh, that's tough!! oh well, maybe you could do something cool like the stylish wanderer. you know, how she always hides her eyes??... anyway, just a suggestion. :)

Jason zei

The motion blur is a bit distracting on the photos. Anyway, there are many ways of displaying your clothes without showing your face. You'll probably need to crop the images or have someone take the photos for you.


yiqin; zei

I love how you wear colors! perfect.

Nina zei

Love your style :D
nice outfits !


Casey zei

I would just try to think of doing something different every once in awhile. Like maybe using your hands to cover your face, or maybe you can just draw a face on a paper bag and use that for a picture! Have fun with it :]

And I love love love that blue skirt!

Mo zei

those pink tights are AWESOME !

Maria zei

I like your skirt!

Suzanne zei

zo leuk dat je zoveel kleurtjes draagt! ik houd echt van kleurtjes :P.