9 apr. 2009

infected days but positive ways

I've decided to not let my, well finally it seems to be, pertussis, get in the way of my 'dressing'. So the first day back to school was about as bright as it can get:

April 8th: polo, Hema - longsleeve, H&M - skirt, H&M - tights, Hema - shoes, Converse - headband, H&M.

And today was like this..:

April 9th: longsleeve, shirtdress, (striped) tights, H&M - shoes, Converse.

And tomorrow it's gonna be hottt. Well, 66 degrees: that's pretty warm to me/us.

2 opmerkingen:

Shini zei

ah that electric dress is adorable, what a pop of colour! why is it that alll your outfits really go well with you wall :P? (I SO NEED A PIPE TOO)

Mia zei

Love the skirt! ^^ <3