7 apr. 2009

spring is here

Springtime, spring weather, spring fever, hay fever.. It's all arrived in Holland too, finally. And because I most likely am not infected with pertussis, I can go to school tomorrow again! Yay! (Which sounds a little weird, but I don't like having to catch up on either friends or school work..) So I'll be dressing better, dressing period, again.

And here are my contributions for the floral weardrobe contest:

Blue floral blouse, H&M - Red floral skirt, secondhand. (shirt under, H&M)

Green polo, Hema - Floral dress, Ross.

And for the previous contest, Short&Sweet:

Shirt, Abercrombie & Fitch - Shorts, Mervyn's - Cardigan, Ross

2 opmerkingen:

Casey zei

Darn, I don't own many florals! Oh well, I'll find something. I really want that $200 gift card!

And yay for spring! Your outfits are great. I really like the top skirt :]

princess pineapple zei

i love the outfit on the first picture. the skirt is super cute :)