12 apr. 2009

eight tees

Cardigan, Ross. Jeans, Levi's.

I need your opinion on this: could I tuck my cardigan into my jeans like this? Stupid? Weird? OK? Good? 80ies (yes..)?

Sorry for looking tired. Truth is, I'm tired.


Shirt, H&M. Suspenders, H&M. Shorts: DIY cutoffs (Levi's). Hat, Disneyland.

6 opmerkingen:

The Clothes Horse zei

Love the suspenders! People don't wear enough suspenders, myself included.

yiqin; zei

I like the suspenders too! I like the cardigan tucked in ;) Very nice feel.

*brokat zei

I like it

The Clothes Horse zei

The horse curtain wouldn't ever really go in a home, I don't think even Donald Trump could afford it since it is a piece of art. :)

AFitz zei

HAT! I have a thing for hats but cant wear them cause my head is massive.

xx fitz

Raquel zei

oh i have the same t-shirt, you reminded me I don't wear it for a long time!