30 jan. 2009

that's fashionating

(Versace by Mario Testino ft. Kate Moss - Vogue Germany February 2009 ft. Bette Franke)
1. That dress.. genius. I never find Kate the most flattering model, but certainly fascinating.
2. That DRESS.... The textures, patterns, colors are all just to die for. This is the reason, the matter and the precise definition of fashion.

Again, it's weekend and that means having all the time in the world to spend behind 'The Holy Screen' and finding URLs of pretty clothes, unknown designers, hypnotizing photos and a couple of bloggers that I'd feel guilty not knowing about. Hints and recommendations are always very, VERY accepted.

29 jan. 2009


Today: All H&M..! (Babydoll dress worn as shirt).

Jan. 26th: shirt, skirt: secondhand - belt, socks(with airplanes!): my mom's - shoes: Converse - black longsleeve: H&M (?).

Jan. 22th: all except shoes: H&M - Shoes: Converse.

Jan. 20th: Shirt: gift - Skirt, tights: H&M - longsleeve: Hema (?) - socks: ? - Shoes: Converse.

way cool, way fair.

So by the not-too-subtle post title, you could with probably the least of sense figure out THAT I AM THE PROUD OWNER OF WAYFARERS. Well, no real ones, obviously, I bought them in a vintage shop (Zipper, Nine Streets, Amsterdam) along with the best purple leggings yet -also included in this post-. They were 10 euros (both purchases for that matter) and my mom would freak if I told her that.. but she'll just have to find that out someday ;) I chose for blue because everyone says the color compliments my eyes so well... uhm... duh... (don't laugh btw but I forgot to get the sticker off..)

i'll give you anything

Because I can be so really generous at times (as said I'll be able to regret this post later, but forbidding myself to delete it) I have decided to post here my entire list of blogs I follow with Bloglovin'. See for yourself which ones you love, which you don't, if that'd be possible. Haha.

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24 jan. 2009

la vida lohan (#2)

Since I don't feel like hooking up my phone for pictures at all, I'll just post another ad campaign. I do have outfits and inspirations to post but I'll do that tomorrow.. maybe ;)

Lindsay Lohan for Jill Stuart

Source: calikartel.com

P.S. Remind myself - and all of you, for that matter - to check Bloglovin' every (other) day. It loads when you don't.

18 jan. 2009

childhood memories.

Forgot to tell you, partly because it was a surprise for me too, that I was putting up a new header. With that I also changed the entire look, just for the fun of it. If you want I can change it back, opinions?? I'm not sure what suits better so I'll leave it up to you :)

Antoher thing I need your opinion about: can I carry the following out?

(1st = carried, 2nd = front, 3rd = back). It's a little suitcase with on it two characters from the Dutch famous books of Jip & Janneke by Annie M.G. Schmidt! I've had this since I was very little, and when I found it back I was so happy.. I've been wanting a cute suitcase, but couldn't find it. Now I need you to tell me if it's any good..? It's not big enough for school, obviously, maybe for shopping days or whatever, but what do you think? (Also the sewed edges are a little loose but I could fix that, right?) My mom thinks I'm crazy though.

Ps. I haven't got a tattoo on my hand :p just some doodle turning out to look like a Chinese character.. It's just pen ;)

long gone, gone for long (#2)

Jan, 16th. Sweater: Madewell - blouse, tights: H&M - shoes: Converse.

Jan, 14th. Shirt: H&M - skirt: secondhand - cardigan: Ross - tights: Hema - shoes: Converse.

long gone, gone for long (#1)

Jan. 13th: blouse, tights: H&M - black shirt, OTK's: Hema.

Jan. 12th: Blouse: vintage - skirt, tights: H&M.

Before I'm going to post the rest of my outfits this week, I'm going to do this tag I got from Sam (Daily Fashion Boost)!

1.Go to the fourth map in your computer where you store your pictures
2.Pick the fourth picture in that folder
3.Explain the picture
4.Tag four people to do the same

Not too much to explain here: two summers ago my parents, sister and I visited Paris for about three days. Of course we went to the Louvre, and I fell in love with it. Picture is taken inside, viewing the outside through the famous pyramids.

I'll tag The Clothes Horse, Dream On, Sequin Magazine & Black Sheep.

Be prepared for more outfits, a 'does this look stupid', another Lohan ad campaign and a different sort of inspiration!

11 jan. 2009

la vida.. (#1)

Lohan =) doh. I've adored her ever since I was about 6, 7 years old. And now I think it's time I'd worship her on this blog, together with the ads she does for all these great companies. Let's start with the last one she did, just to confuse you.. =X Fornarina! I personally really like the pictures she took, but I'm not sure the (type of) clothes fit her too much.. what about you? (I like the first picture best)

9 jan. 2009

have you ever flown like i flew today

Here's to be clear: I don't post anything but outfits from now on, until it's spring again. And if it happens to be that I feel like posting something else, you'll see. I'm not a regular poster, you got that by now, so wait and see. x. PS: don't mind the junk in my room in these pictures, please..

Jan, 7th. Sweater: H&M - Blouse: vintage - jeans: Albert Cuyp market - socks: ? - necklace: made by me (both chain and heart are/were Christmas decorations..)

Jan, 8th. Shoes: Dr. Adams - black long sleeve: Hema - rest: H&M..

Jan, 9th. Sweater: vintage - dress: H&M - tights: H&M - socks: Hema - shoes: ? (I didn't wear these shoes out, they're my dancing class-shoes actually, but I see people wearing them out so I decided to see what it looked like..)

2 jan. 2009

desperate woman.

Well, I went shopping, finally! I'm not even going to tell you guys where I went because you'll probably know. I went with my mom: I find it best shopping with her, rather than alone or with friends.. she has good taste ;) anyhow, we went to (..) and (..) only, so everything down here is bought at (..). Fill in the dots. Tip: I had a free €80,- to spend there on gift coupons! But I spent a little bit more..

Left to right, from above:
- a gray sweater long enough for a dress(!), €9,- only! (was on my wish list!)
- a blue sweater dress in need of a shirt under it, €19,90
- a pinstriped blouse, waisted and worn as a dress, €24,90 (kind of on my list but I LOVE it)
- fuchsia long leggings, €9,90
- a fuchsia 3/4 sleeve shirt (with trees on it!), €5,-
- a gray sweater, €5,-
- a high-waisted skirt which I fitted some time ago when out of money, loved, and now bought! €19,90
- another high-waisted skirt, totally cotton which looks like lace though, €14,90

S0 all that together would be.. €108,50!! And I also spent €10,- on underwear and 2 on headbands, will make it €120,50 at the (..). That's a HELL lot, but I owe my mom only €10,- so that's doable.

nine of age.

First of all, Happy New Year! Can you believe this century's almost over already? NINE. Wow.

I'm the worst. Blogger. No kidding, when we came home from this party at friends of ours on New Year's Eve, it was about three and I didn't feel like taking photos from my outfit. Well, I did do it, but they turned out the worst so you'll have to imagine this:

"And a happy New Year" by Fannah

on me. I love Polyvore! Blazer & shirt & socks H&M, jeans Bershka, pumps Roxy, ribbon (in my hair) was a gift wrap.. I got a haircut by the way! I think it's way too short, but with a little help from my mom it kinda worked out. (I got the bangs I asked for, but I didn't want it to be this short.. and yes, I was tired, hence the look)