30 jan. 2009

that's fashionating

(Versace by Mario Testino ft. Kate Moss - Vogue Germany February 2009 ft. Bette Franke)
1. That dress.. genius. I never find Kate the most flattering model, but certainly fascinating.
2. That DRESS.... The textures, patterns, colors are all just to die for. This is the reason, the matter and the precise definition of fashion.

Again, it's weekend and that means having all the time in the world to spend behind 'The Holy Screen' and finding URLs of pretty clothes, unknown designers, hypnotizing photos and a couple of bloggers that I'd feel guilty not knowing about. Hints and recommendations are always very, VERY accepted.

2 opmerkingen:

Andy zei

this is so cool.
kind of inspiring too actually !
Kate Moss is wonderful :)
thanks for commenting my new post
See u soon


hande's closet zei

omg kate is perfect as always