1 feb. 2009

grey day

I went to school this Saturday for some kind of show day, where new kids came and checked our school out. It was kind of fun, but so early! However, this was what I wore:

Sweater: Madewell - Dress: H&M - tights: Hema.

11 opmerkingen:

Raquel zei

love it! specially the tights! I'm so into grey right now. xx

Vintage Tea zei

aw. lovely tights!

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The Clothes Horse zei

I'm so distracted by the polka dots on your wall--adorable!

imlikeomg.com zei

Leuke panty <3!

Anoniem zei

Oh what a cute look :).

Anoniem zei

Awww, thanks for reading my blog! <3

I love the circles on your wall. I just did a project on circles in my Graphics class, haha. XD

You're such a cutie. Curly hair rules! :)

Paul Pincus zei

love the sweater ... and your wall : )

carrie / wishwishwish zei

looks lovely and comfy! x

Hippiegirl zei

i like your sweater :)

Merily zei

thank you,
I have the same bed! :D

Fannah zei

@ everyone who loved my wall: thanks! haha. My mom did it for me. I wanted bright pink walls first but I'm really glad she refused to paint it that :p

@ Merily: IKEA, right? ;)