25 nov. 2009


Village hoodie, Madewell. Dress, H&M. Tights, Hema. Shoes, Converse.

Been lazy. Been bored. Been tired. Been downloading a lot of indie+alt+electro+ambient songs and now am crazy about Relator (Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - she sings really well!)

How about you? Hibernation feel kicking in yet? ;)

Oh yeah: I'm making a list of words I really love: not for the meaning but for the sound of it or how you spell it. A few of them are féerie (French for fairy), hiemes (Latin for winters) and mitochondria :D I'd love to know some words that you think are beautiful, if you have them ;) and if not, think about it..


22 nov. 2009

have a smoke, have a pocket tee

have a smoke, have a pocket tee

I dreamt this look, but with a vintage worn-out shirt and espadrilles in stead of boat shoes and a pocket tee. After editing the look a bit when awake, I felt the immense urge of buying these jeans.. Damn my decision of saving up for sales, school trips and holidays!
(I don't smoke. Spare me the lung cancer please. But I think on some people it just looks so good..)

Oh yeah, my blog is one year and four days old today ;) I forgot to 'celebrate' the anniversary on the actual day, but it would only have been a lot of blah-blahs. So. Here's a shorter blah-blah with a polyvore to cover it :)


12 nov. 2009


Hoodie, Okaidi (French kids' store). Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M (Young).

I tend to put my looks on lookbook before I post them here, lately. Mind the hype? ;)

And I'm going to keep asking :)

Ps. a mitochondria is an organelle in your cel that produces the matter 'ATP' which provides the energy for getting molecules in and out of your cells.

in case you were interested :)

9 nov. 2009

well you, my friend, have no sense of rhythm

Shirt with giraffes, Albert Cuyp market. Cardigan, Ross. Skirt, secondhand. Tights, Hema. Socks, Bristol. Chucks, Converse.

I don't know if you've heard of museumnacht, which is some event in Amsterdam that takes place every year around the 8th of November. Well I went, with two friends, and it was.. kind of lame. First we wanted to go to the Artis Zoo but when we were there, we found out you had to follow some tour so we left because we'd rather have gone sneeking through the zoo ourselves. We went to this friend who had to work (because her dad is the 'headmaster'(?) of this one museum) and we couldn't get in because one girl had lost her ticket (which she had gotten from another friend, you know, for free instead of 17,50) and so we had to go through the employee's entrance. We had to wait then to get another ticket via the headmaster-dad, so while waiting we were discussing what we were going to do. One of them, and me, wanted to go to this other museum where there was a Sixties Party (read: dancing to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who etc!!) but the other two didn't want to so we spent the rest of the night in the dad's office. Twas kind of boring, so next time I'll go with other, more.. willing.. friends.. :s

How was your weekend? :)

PS. Still fill this in please? ;)