22 nov. 2009

have a smoke, have a pocket tee

have a smoke, have a pocket tee

I dreamt this look, but with a vintage worn-out shirt and espadrilles in stead of boat shoes and a pocket tee. After editing the look a bit when awake, I felt the immense urge of buying these jeans.. Damn my decision of saving up for sales, school trips and holidays!
(I don't smoke. Spare me the lung cancer please. But I think on some people it just looks so good..)

Oh yeah, my blog is one year and four days old today ;) I forgot to 'celebrate' the anniversary on the actual day, but it would only have been a lot of blah-blahs. So. Here's a shorter blah-blah with a polyvore to cover it :)


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ms. Givens zei

The color combination is great. You must dream in color.