30 dec. 2008

all i want after christmas is..

Post-Christmas wishlists usually don't end to well.. how it does end? You'll have to buy everything yourself. But hey, with €80 to spend at H&M, where some wishes can probably come true, there's not really a problem..

all i want after christmas is.. by Fannah.

- peter pan collar dresses and shirts (vintage, H&M?)
- wet look leggings (Bershka, H&M?)
- a briefcase (vintage, Noordermarkt)
- crazy print leggings and tights (web shops, vintage?)
- over the knee high black flat boots (Noordermarkt, vintage)
- black wayfarer (sun)glasses (tourist shops, web shops)
- more plaid crazy-color blouses (H&M, vintage, Noordermarkt, menswear?)
- high-waist skinnies (Bershka, H&M?)
- Dr. Martens boots (vintage?, Noordermarkt)
- a knitted woolen sweater to wear as dress (vintage, Noordermarkt)
- a Beatles logo shirt (tourist shops, music store)
- heeled oxfords (vintage?, H&M)
- 'Influence' by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (web shops, bookstore?)

home almost alone..

..wishing my mom had a shoe fetish herself. She doesn't understand: she thinks that because she bought me oxfords (that are great, but still) in October or something, I shouldn't buy these beauties:

But she also told me once that if your mind is on something and you can't take it off for a long time, you should do it. Well, that's the case right here, but still she forbids me to buy them! I'm all depressed right now. What's even worse is that they're only €15, which is about $20. Is that cheap or not? And I don't even care that they are H&M: I love 'em, and I'm gonna get 'em somehow.

Plus, my oxfords look nothing like these. My mom's just delusional.

28 dec. 2008

like fallen for the mailman i have..

I'm sorry I've been absent.. I was planning on posting my Christmas outfit, the gifts I got, maybe the Christmas tree in our house and all, I just haven't had the time or the feeling for it. Anyhow, I'll be going to the Noordermarkt tomorrow and I hope I'll find something! (Wish me luck.. ha ha)

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26 dec. 2008

we wish you.

I'm sorry I posted nothing before Christmas, but I was soooo busy with wrapping, making, and having a good time, I just couldn't. But I hope you had the best Christmas! Was it comfy, nice, fun? In Holland, we have a word, which combines all those words. It's my favorite Dutch word, too. It means having a good time with ones you love without care, and feeling like you wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

I hope you had that kind of Christmas =)

21 dec. 2008

can i pleaaase use it?

So yesterday, after the shopping, we went to friends of ours. And they have the most amazing bathroom. I'm not kidding. So I made some pictures, they're really nothing special as I'm not in any way a photographer but I wanted you to see this anyway.

Christmas is giving..

..and so we went shopping, for gifts. Well let me tell you this, once my mom and I went in the H&M 'for a quick look', we weren't able to get out. So that's why I'll have to go gift-shopping today.. because anymore possible Christmas outfits aren't necessary.

Red shirt, H&M (€9,90) - Black shirt, H&M Young (€9,90) - Blazer, H&M (€39,90 to €19,-) - Velvet shorts, H&M (€19,90 to €9,-) - 2 pair: red and light pink tights , H&M Young (€4,90 to €2,-)

Is that considered sale or what?!

And if I promised my mom I'd wear my oxfords, I could wear these with them: knee high socks with lace on the top!

'arigato tosan'.

I don't know much Japanese, in fact, these are two of the maybe four words I do know, and still they come in quite handy now..
My dad told me yesterday I looked like a Japanese girl (from the waist down at least), because of my bright-colored tights with knee-highs over it. I didn't mind, because I love Japanese style! It's so colorful and different.. So, what do you think? Any resemblance?

Dec, 20. Coat: Pull & Bear - Bag: Oilily (gift) - Scarf: made by mom - Sweater: vintage - Skirt, tights, knee-highs: H&M - Shoes: Nike. (Thought I'd show you what I go out in every day!)

Dec, 18. Blazer, dress: H&M - Tights: ? - Knee-highs: Bristol - Sweater: vintage - Shoes: Adidas.

Yes, you've seen that right, I'm somewhat living in my new sweater.

17 dec. 2008

help me, doctor!

I was feeling a little.. violent or something. Haha, not really though, but I just thought this was what you could come out with when you want Dr. Martens boots and polyvore them in a 'different' way.

Help! by Fannah.

I totally want them so much!!

cherry on top.

And another half-week roundup of outfits of mine. I've been wearing my latest buys, of course.. combined well or not, what do you think? be honest with me though. =) p.s.: it feels good to be able to say what I'm wearing is vintage, haha.

Dec, 15. Sweater: vintage (German shop) - jeans: H&M - shoes: Converse All Star @ V&D (The pink in my sweater is exactly the same color as my shoes, by the way..)

Dec, 16. Blouse: vintage (German shop) - Belt: my mom's - cut-off jeans: Canyon River Blues (?) - tights: H&M? - Shoes: Converse All Star @ V&D

Dec, 17. Black shirt, skirt: H&M - Silk top: my mom's (yeah, it's kind of underwear..) - Tights: Hema - Shoes: Dr. Adams

13 dec. 2008

munsterous. #2

Well, I went to this little German town M√ľnster yesterday, with two classes. (Mine and another, doh.) It was so much fun! There were like 5 or 6 Christmas markets that sold stuff for in your Christmas tree of course, but also typical German food, stuff like baking forms and hats, scarves etc. It sucked though, that we had to look for certain churches and stuff to answer questions about it, we didn't find about half of them so we traded the answers with some other group.. =# we also had to interview people in German which was actually very fun! There was this man that could really say something in Dutch! 'Heeft het eten goed gesmaakt?' he said, with a terrible accent, but still funny. (It means 'Did the food taste good?' =p)
Of course, because we were there all day, we shopped too. Or at least we tried to. We were with the seven of us: five of which my friends, me, and one girl that is kind of the loner in our class (because she's so annoying! don't get me wrong though..) and had to come with us. On our way to the market, where we had to answer questions,
we ran into this vintage shop in a little alley! One friend of mine, and myself of course, really wanted to go there. The others actually just wanted to go to H&M -.-' so first we finished what we had to do and the seven of us went there anyways =)
It was so cool! They had a real lot, and it was all so pretty... and cheap too! There were racks and racks of dresses, shirts and stuff.. It was vintage heaven =p the only thing was there were almost no shoes or bags, expect for these like 20 inch-heels with the largest plateau soles ever.. but anyway, the ones that didn't want to go there liked it a lot too. The one friend that did want to go bought a really cute hat and a sweater which I fitted first but was a little small.. =( but I did buy two things that I wanted to buy for some time: a big knitted sweater (you could almost smell the old lady, haha) for only 25 euros and a plaid shirt for just 10. (By the way, we never again went to the H&M: we did eat in the most delicious and cheap pizzeria ever)

(Sorry for the weird rotation)

i'm from holland...

...where the f--- you from? This song, that yes, consists (almost) only of these two sentences, was literally a hit in Holland. That should give a little image of us..
It disgusts me that in Holland you can say stuff like that on TV or radio, without hearing a beep or even nothing. But what I also don't like from the Netherlands is that when I go somewhere, I always take my camera to photograph inspiring looks and stuff. Problem is, there are none. At least not where I go. And if there are, they stay in, or the people have been on Dam Style or Tony or something. I mean, I'd rather live somewhere like in Paris, where people dare.
Here it's either Uggs or Nikes on your feet, either jeans or way too short skirts. And I do that sometimes too (although my fake bear-paws are just for inside, thank you), but I'd love to not be the only one taking a chance! Or at least in Amsterdam..

Well, the planned-to-post last looks:

Dec. 3rd: (I most definitely had my laces tied) Striped shirt, greyish longsleeve (which I 'edited' for the worse): H&M - Cardigan: H&M Young - Skirt: gift - Tights: ? - Shoes: Adidas.

Dec. 10th: Dress, cardigan: Ross - Tights: ? - Shoes: Converse All Star @ V&D - Longsleeve: H&M.

Sweater, shirtdress: H&M - Tights: H&M? - Belt: my mom's (wore my Nikes)

Why I almost never wear heels, might cross your minds. Well, I'm 5'10'' or even 5'11''.. something like that. That makes me the tallest girl in my class, and I don't really mind, but when I wear heels I'm.. huge. I wear them sometimes, but another thing is I don't have ten pair of them like the rest of you. I'd want to, but since I'm a teenager my mom would not want me to.. Haha.

11 dec. 2008


With school, I'm going to Munster tomorrow, a German city! Of course we'll have to do schoolish stuff like interviewing people on the street and search for special monuments and places and describe them. But we're there for over 10/11 hours, and our teacher told us there's a special Christmas market there, so it will be so much fun! We're all planning on shopping a lot, I hope the market includes fashion and stuff too.. I also thought that if someone's interested, I'll try and make streetstyle photos. I don't know how the fashion is there, but we'll see. Maybe it's truely inspiring, maybe it's boring. We'll see.

Ps. soon there will be some (less recent) looks of mine. I haven't been dressing my best lately, because I suck at layering and it's so damn cold! I don't like winter much.

7 dec. 2008

you move me so.

God, it's been a while again. This is because A) I've been super busy with this Dutch holiday that was on December 5th, St. Nicholas (must have heard of it?), B) I had not much to post and C) I didn't feel like posting what I did have.. I must remind you, or warn you if you didn't know already, that I'm totally lazy. (Also, my room just had a make-over this weekend so my computer was also dead for a day, but that's no excuse.) Well, here some outfits I just love, because it's been a while.. hope you love them like I do.

(Photos: Glam Canyon,
Hel-Looks, Face Hunter.)

30 nov. 2008

oh, my lady victoria.. (#2)

As I promised, my very own Victorian looks, modern style of course. I wouldn't have thought it would work out this well.. Of course you could do a better job but for my laziness, it's quite good.

Shirt, skirt: gift - Purse: gift (Guess) - Hat: my mom's - Shoes: little shop in Portugal - Gloves: H&M.

Blue shirt, purse: my mom's - Dress: Ross - Skirt: French market - Blazer: H&M.

These looks actually wearable on a casual day, I think. I got so inspired I wanted to wear it instantly, but I just need a few pairs of tights for under it now, in matching colors. Try going out bare-legged with this weather! It's snowing!

(These are two looks of for. This means there will be a third part of the Victorian posts.)

as she wondered through the night

I've been shopping once again. I didn't buy much, but both my purchases are (by accident) good for the Victorian looks (of which I'll post two today or tomorrow).

Lace leggings and orange angora gloves, both H&M. My outfit for the day:

Sweater, skirt: H&M - Tights: Hema - Shoes: Adidas.