17 dec. 2008

cherry on top.

And another half-week roundup of outfits of mine. I've been wearing my latest buys, of course.. combined well or not, what do you think? be honest with me though. =) p.s.: it feels good to be able to say what I'm wearing is vintage, haha.

Dec, 15. Sweater: vintage (German shop) - jeans: H&M - shoes: Converse All Star @ V&D (The pink in my sweater is exactly the same color as my shoes, by the way..)

Dec, 16. Blouse: vintage (German shop) - Belt: my mom's - cut-off jeans: Canyon River Blues (?) - tights: H&M? - Shoes: Converse All Star @ V&D

Dec, 17. Black shirt, skirt: H&M - Silk top: my mom's (yeah, it's kind of underwear..) - Tights: Hema - Shoes: Dr. Adams

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Merily zei

You have such nice clothes :)