30 dec. 2008

all i want after christmas is..

Post-Christmas wishlists usually don't end to well.. how it does end? You'll have to buy everything yourself. But hey, with €80 to spend at H&M, where some wishes can probably come true, there's not really a problem..

all i want after christmas is.. by Fannah.

- peter pan collar dresses and shirts (vintage, H&M?)
- wet look leggings (Bershka, H&M?)
- a briefcase (vintage, Noordermarkt)
- crazy print leggings and tights (web shops, vintage?)
- over the knee high black flat boots (Noordermarkt, vintage)
- black wayfarer (sun)glasses (tourist shops, web shops)
- more plaid crazy-color blouses (H&M, vintage, Noordermarkt, menswear?)
- high-waist skinnies (Bershka, H&M?)
- Dr. Martens boots (vintage?, Noordermarkt)
- a knitted woolen sweater to wear as dress (vintage, Noordermarkt)
- a Beatles logo shirt (tourist shops, music store)
- heeled oxfords (vintage?, H&M)
- 'Influence' by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (web shops, bookstore?)

4 opmerkingen:

Merily zei

I love the briefcase!

carrie / wishwishwish zei

lovely lovely wishlist! x

The Clothes Horse zei

Great wishlist. Just in time for the after-Christmas sales, right?

Siska zei