21 dec. 2008

Christmas is giving..

..and so we went shopping, for gifts. Well let me tell you this, once my mom and I went in the H&M 'for a quick look', we weren't able to get out. So that's why I'll have to go gift-shopping today.. because anymore possible Christmas outfits aren't necessary.

Red shirt, H&M (€9,90) - Black shirt, H&M Young (€9,90) - Blazer, H&M (€39,90 to €19,-) - Velvet shorts, H&M (€19,90 to €9,-) - 2 pair: red and light pink tights , H&M Young (€4,90 to €2,-)

Is that considered sale or what?!

And if I promised my mom I'd wear my oxfords, I could wear these with them: knee high socks with lace on the top!

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Raquel zei

oh i have that same red shirt! ;)