30 dec. 2008

home almost alone..

..wishing my mom had a shoe fetish herself. She doesn't understand: she thinks that because she bought me oxfords (that are great, but still) in October or something, I shouldn't buy these beauties:

But she also told me once that if your mind is on something and you can't take it off for a long time, you should do it. Well, that's the case right here, but still she forbids me to buy them! I'm all depressed right now. What's even worse is that they're only €15, which is about $20. Is that cheap or not? And I don't even care that they are H&M: I love 'em, and I'm gonna get 'em somehow.

Plus, my oxfords look nothing like these. My mom's just delusional.

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Raquel zei

the shoes are lovely! you should definatly buy them!