19 feb. 2009

skirt alert you're such a flirt

Weardrobe contest!
Everything (skirt, shirt and hat) used to be my mom's but she gave it to me.. because it wasn't her size anymore. That's considered secondhand, right? ;)

Edit: IMPORTANT NOTE! I'm going to be gone for a week, will leave tomorrow for Chamrousse France (skiing for the first time!), and will return either Saturday or Sunday.. just so you know I won't be posting for a reason :p

and it keeps getting better

Tuesday. Sweater: Madewell - Dress, tights: H&M - socks: cut off tights from Hema - shoes: Converse. (Because of my talents, cough cough, I thought I might show you a blend this time..)

Today (Thursday). Pink and grey shirts, skirt: H&M - tights, polo: Hema. (Peter Pan-ish effect by Tavi).

15 feb. 2009

pink and red

As a sinner of envy, I feel loneliest in the year on Valentine's Day. I've even stopped hoping some guy would send me anything, because it never happens anyway. I'll probably die alone.

But not to be too depressed, look what I got from family and friends!! :D

A shelf of love. It makes me happy.

Valentine's outfit. Striped top, tights: H&M - Dress: Ross - Cardigan: Benetton (been living in it the past days!)

Hope you had the happiest, loveliest Valentine thus far!


13 feb. 2009

because my future boyfriend loves it

Black shirt, skirt: H&M - Tights: Hema - Cardigan: Benetton - Necklace: the pendant (some Indian type of lady, very cute!) on it I got for free on Queens Day a loooong time ago, put it on a chain myself.

Shirt, skirt, tights: H&M - cardigan: Benetton - socks: ?

what culture does to you

My latest purchases and finds..

Striped & bright blue top, H&M and €6,90 a piece.

Plaid blouse, Mexx @ V&D, €15,- (minor detail: it's menswear.. XXL. But it fits like a glove. NOT.)

White and black leather belt, found at the trash across the street.. possibly previously owned by a now gone man.. spooky but kind of cool :p

I also bought a €9,90 Benetton woolen cardigan, though the picture of it was horrid so you might as well see it in the next outfit post ;)

i only travel lonely

That's all the snow we got. Seriously.

OK, it was a little better than that.. actually the tribune of the school was totally white until the bell rang and first graders went and ruined it.. But it was cool ;) don't mind the wordplay please.

PS. since I've abandoned you once more, today's gonna be a lot of posts.. at least my latest finds and outfits, and maybe even some inspiration posts! Also, thanks you guys for commenting 'so much' and stuff ;) I really appreciate your opinions and about my wall: DIY! Haha.

5 feb. 2009

i'm quite sure i think so

My outfit Wednesday. (Monday and Tuesday I didn't dress 'worthy enough' I think)
Top: Easy Wear - Lace top under: my mom's - Dress, socks: H&M - Leggings: vintage

I also entered a photo for the Weardrobe contest, but they didn't add it to the list yet.. :( hope they will. The theme was 'Winter whites':

Sweater: vintage - Pashmina: ? (my hair is totally messed up here but whatevs)

1 feb. 2009

grey day

I went to school this Saturday for some kind of show day, where new kids came and checked our school out. It was kind of fun, but so early! However, this was what I wore:

Sweater: Madewell - Dress: H&M - tights: Hema.