22 mrt. 2009

would you care if i were alive?

Just to let you know I'm still breathing. A few excuses of not posting:

- I've been having a social life lately. This is totally out of my league and I don't know how to handle it well.. ;)
- The sun has been shining. I mean, crazy right? I had to celebrate the nice weather with.. painting bikes with friends, shopping, shopping some more and eating ice cream.
- I've just been lazy and not up to posting, I haven't photographed my outfits and I'm just.. dunno. Weird phase.

BUT I'll make sure to take pictures of my buys and stuff and post them when I feel like it as soon as possible.. Now, it's time for catching up with you guys 'cause I believe bloglovin' has over 300 new posts for me awaiting.. woops.

10 mrt. 2009

purple sequins, music and i'm satisfied

Today: Fedora hat: Disneyland - Sequin scarf: Dress up box - Sweater: Madewell - Shorts: Mervyn's - Tights: H&M.

When I die, I want the 'Silver Stallion' cover by Cat Power to play (over and over, preferably) on my funeral.

PS. Thanks for all your sweet comments and hints! I'll get back to them as soon as possible, but first I have to write a Dutch book report.. :S Question: Can you drop out of school just randomly? (I know the answer already, just trying to be witty :p)

7 mrt. 2009

white bats

So I need your opinion on this (a sheer thingie I found in our dress up box):

A cape..

..to fly..

..or over a (strapless) dress (or something else that makes sense under it)..

..or a high-waist..

..or a skirt as it's made for.

What do you think? I kinda like the cape idea, but it is casually wearable? I like the dress thing second best, maybe for at a party or something? What do you think?

my casualty

I've been dressing down. It's better for me, I think. It's not a bad thing, but I just always hoped I could pull off outfits like Tavi or Susie can: wild and crazy and still looking good. I'm just not built for it.

Wednesday. Shirt: Mexx men's - Skirt, tights: H&M - Shoes: Converse
(I liked this picture somehow, though/because it's so unclear.)

Yesterday. Plaid shirt: Mexx men's - Dress, tights (they're bright red, yes?) - H&M.

Today. Cardigan, skirt, lace leggings: H&M - Shirt: Mervyn's.

Oh yes, my friend and I had this idea on Thursday to dress up and go for a walk. We actually did it, though it took us a while to leave the house (with my dad pushing us). Pictures and outfit deets later. Also, a 'your opinion' post again.. don't count on today, but I'll try..

PS. 50th post! :)

3 mrt. 2009

inspired by..

Ironically enough, now that there's this contest on Weardrobe on stripe outfits, I find myself wearing them more and more often.. (meaning every day since the contest came out). I'm a fan of striped patterns and so maybe I've always dressed with them, but only now I noticed..

(Today) White longsleeve: Tommy Hilfiger - Skirt, shirt, tights: H&M.

(Yesterday, sorry for the color., it was about nine/ten..) Tights, black longsleeve: Hema - Shirt, cardigan: H&M - Skirt: mom's old.

2 mrt. 2009

where have i been last year?

No. Impossible.

(Pictured: the best shoes by, who else, Nicholas Kirkwood, SS08, via google)

1 mrt. 2009

oh deer.

This is the greatest outfit yet. OTK's, brogues/oxfords (I don't know the difference?), a shirt with a colorful and playful print.. it's all there. It's all amazing.

Face Hunter

true hurt

So ski vacation was a blast.. ahum. Yes, I've figured it's just not for me. It's cold, you have to get up early and then listen to some irritating French guy not able of speaking propre d'anglais, you have to wear the same clothes every day and coming home you pull your slouchy (though vintage) sweater over your head, and worst of all you have to MOVE. I could have come up with the idea of exercise and stuff, after all it's skiing and that's not just the fun of going downhill.. but I'm not the most sporty girl out there and so next time my dad and sister will go, my mom and I will be found in Paris.
No, pretty much just shopping.

Anywho, I'm sad to say I've followed the Fashion Weeks only passively: through you! Yes, that's right, most collections I've watched through all of your blogs and I don't think there's any need of posting more pics of them.. The only collection I've truly seen every look of is the Marc Jacobs one. Holy moly I love that guy so much. And if you'd want to see my favorite looks, ask for 'em, because I'm not gonna post them just for me. I'm too lazy.

PS. Also, Moschino Cheap & Chic's Fall RTW let me down, but I do really love this (the headpiece! the skirt!):