22 mrt. 2009

would you care if i were alive?

Just to let you know I'm still breathing. A few excuses of not posting:

- I've been having a social life lately. This is totally out of my league and I don't know how to handle it well.. ;)
- The sun has been shining. I mean, crazy right? I had to celebrate the nice weather with.. painting bikes with friends, shopping, shopping some more and eating ice cream.
- I've just been lazy and not up to posting, I haven't photographed my outfits and I'm just.. dunno. Weird phase.

BUT I'll make sure to take pictures of my buys and stuff and post them when I feel like it as soon as possible.. Now, it's time for catching up with you guys 'cause I believe bloglovin' has over 300 new posts for me awaiting.. woops.

2 opmerkingen:

Sam zei

meer dan 300 posts op bloglovin om te lezen?! Pfoe, dan ben je nog wel een bezig meid x] Maar veel plezier met je sociale leven! Wou dat de mijne wat actiever was

dream on zei

snel weer posten :D