7 mrt. 2009

white bats

So I need your opinion on this (a sheer thingie I found in our dress up box):

A cape..

..to fly..

..or over a (strapless) dress (or something else that makes sense under it)..

..or a high-waist..

..or a skirt as it's made for.

What do you think? I kinda like the cape idea, but it is casually wearable? I like the dress thing second best, maybe for at a party or something? What do you think?

12 opmerkingen:

gybe ♥ zei

i like the second idea :' ))))
to be a dress!! i think, it will be lovely for sure.


Anoniem zei

This is super versatile! You can do anything with it, actually. Go for whatever you want :)

Shini zei

I lOVE the cape idea, but maybe the 'waist' bit could be altered a bit? I dunno, or paired with a huge scarf or...I dunno, just make the elastic invisible? great find!

Emz zei

I think you could wear it any one of those ways lol but my favorite is the skirt/dress ways! =) It's really cute!

The Clothes Horse zei

I think it makes a really cute layer as a skirt.

Couture Carrie zei

I love the tulle thingy as a cape or a skirt (I would layer another slightly shorter skirt over it) - fabulously creative!


Andy zei

That's pretty original!
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Zoë zei

It's a pretty good idea. I would wear it high-waist but with a white shirt under it, really without any print on it or something like that. Just white and combinate it with black tights (like you did on the picture if I see it good?) and I would also put a belt on it to accentuate your waist (:

hugs, zoë

Redoors zei

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Vintage Tea zei

I think it was made for yooou! I love all the ways. im sure you will have much fun with it

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Taghrid zei

high waist! linked you

Raquel zei

dress or high waisted skirt:)