10 mrt. 2009

purple sequins, music and i'm satisfied

Today: Fedora hat: Disneyland - Sequin scarf: Dress up box - Sweater: Madewell - Shorts: Mervyn's - Tights: H&M.

When I die, I want the 'Silver Stallion' cover by Cat Power to play (over and over, preferably) on my funeral.

PS. Thanks for all your sweet comments and hints! I'll get back to them as soon as possible, but first I have to write a Dutch book report.. :S Question: Can you drop out of school just randomly? (I know the answer already, just trying to be witty :p)

6 opmerkingen:

kimi zei

This sweater is so cute! Love it.
I also like the scarf draped around the hat. Nice Idea! I'll maybe copy it someday :P

By the Way: If you've found out how to drop out of school, please tell me!

Couture Carrie zei

Great hat and shorts!


kimi zei

Aaah thank you a lot for these nice words! In fact no one told me he liked my style...until now. I see a big blogger career coming (;P).
I'll definetly copy this hat/scarf thing. I'm just waiting for a day without snow (I hope this will happen the next weeks!).

mimi zei

love your outfit :)

fritha louise zei

great hat

gybe ♥ zei

so sweet hat !!
i love that ♥ :)