29 aug. 2009

this world is getting better and better with the day

Tie-dye dress, vintage. Cardigan, Ross. Headband turned belt came with shirt.

I think in the first-to-last post people had mistaken this dress for DIY in stead of tie-dye. Note: I did not dye it myself, I bought it this way! :)

Today we're having a party at my house. It's to celebrate my mom's birthday, but also still mine (though it was in June..) Friends and family are coming over and there's a lot of food :)

PLAYING: I love you - Esser
I usually don't do 'playing' thingies but I just felt like it ;)

PS: I'd love to make a Q&A post! I don't know if anyone would be interested but I'd like to answer questions if there are. So just ask anything and when there are enough I'll put them in a post :)

27 aug. 2009

i'll do anything, to be happy

Cardigan, Benetton. Basic longsleeve, H&M. High-waist skirt, H&M. Polka dot tights, H&M. Ladybug necklaces: one from my childhood and one was a gift from a friend. (Headband came with shirt/worn with bright red low-top All Stars.)

I'm kind of uninspired lately when it comes to post titles so I'm quoting a few of my new loved songs ;) this is what I wore to the first (official) day to school. Yesterday we got to know in what class we were, we got our timetables and then we went for a walk in the woods. Our teacher, though, didn't know the way, nor did he know how to work with a map.. but we had a very special, goat-milk ice cream afterward which had a weird aftertaste but was good anyhow ;) Today we had PE, 'General Science' in which we watched short films from illusionist Darren Brown (is he the one that wrote all those Freak Show books and all?), then what we call a 'between hour' (no class) and at last philosophy, which was probably the best part of the day ;) there was this boy who came from Germany and moved here and he carried this dictionary all the time ;)

PS. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I was really flattered to hear all these good things about my blog and all. I'm getting back to each and every one of them as soon as possible!

25 aug. 2009

we celebrate

100th post! And.. I have absolutely nothing to say! I'm just glad I made it so far already, you know, that I.. kept going on ;) most of the time I promise myself to keep a blog/website and I just quit because I get bored. I think this is different, because it's a passion of mine and I'm just too glad with the amount of visitors I get to stop. It might not be as much as all these great bloggers get, but it takes time and I'm willing to give that.

Well I guess this 'something' :)

A treat to you, though: my buys from today ;)

Longsleeve shirt, €3, vintage (Laura Dols).
Tie-dye dress, €5, vintage (Zipper).

Talk about bargains ;)

baby there's a shark in the water

Breton sweater, shop in Arles France. Jeans, H&M. Lace-ups, Zipper (DIY patch). Ladybug necklace from childhood (upper) and a gift from a friend (lower ladybug :) ). Fabric tree bag, ..? Pearl bracelets, gift from my primary school teacher ;)

Wore this for a day in the center of Amsterdam, shopping with a friend. I bought a dress at the Zipper for 5 euros and a shirt at Laura Dols for 3 euros (which you'll see soon, I promise). We drank coffee and ate hot dogs and on our way home talked about 'being old' and reincarnation. She thought I must have a very young soul. Hers is not young, not old.. somewhere about two to three centuries :)

24 aug. 2009

color clash flash. clash.

Pink Panther shirt, V&D. DIY cut-off shorts, Bella. Ladybug necklace, from my childhood. High-tops, Converse. (Headband came with a shirt ;) )

23 aug. 2009

there's always time to make time

Shirt, H&M (my mom's). Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M Young. Shoes, shop in Portugal.

I gave these shoes to my sister but they still fit me (enough.. I don't feel my toes too hot but who cares about toes?) and I love them so.. Too bad I don't wear them so much, but now my sister won't let me wear them so I'll have to steal them.. Shh..

Yesterday we went to a party in this friend's second home.. it was an 'anti-squat' which used to be a psychiatric facility. It looked like it too: like there were isolation cells under the floor and all, and like people had bumped their heads against walls.. no kidding. But they will not fix it because it could be so that they get 'kicked out' and then they just have to leave. That is, when the government or something has got plans for it. But the area was so pretty! It's a shame my camera was in the car still when me and my parents went for a little walk. It was all green and there were meadows all over the place. Plants grew at their wildest, and on one field there was this overgrown Maria statue. I swear it could have been mesmerizing enough to get me to become catholic.

(I painted my nails before and made a picture with the cutest fairy scepter that belonged to the 5 year-old in the family.)

21 aug. 2009

we dream of coco

Cardigan, Ross. Loose stripe tank (w/ pocket detail), Zara. Shorts, Mervyn's. Leggings, H&M.

I keep referring to 'we' all the time, dunno why.. maybe I feel lonely :p by the way, I was kind of whining in the last outfit post. I mean, I know that guys are different, but it was just that I liked this one guy a lot, and I thought he was different too. You know, different from all the wannabe-'gangsta's' with their pants on their knees and whatever. He was smart and funny in a weird way (the same humor I have ;) ) and stuff. But then he got a girlfriend. I mean nothing but to say that she is the best proof of stereo type I've ever seen.

I'm not to speak, though. He was my best friend's brother. Is that cheesy or what?

19 aug. 2009

we are the queens of mix and match

My dream outfit right now.. I just have to get each and every item here and then I'm good to go ;)

- a plastic golden crown: toy/dress up store
- a pink wig - dress up store
- a big (woolen?) blue sweater: vintage
- orange thy-long socks: bristol, h&m, hema?
- 'sock suspenders' (is there another name..?): hunkemöller, h&m?, diy??

she lost her first love to a smoking blonde

Tie-dye top, C&A. Shorts, Mervyn's.

I'd like to not believe in stereo types, but some people are just too obvious. And guys always chase the same kind..

18 aug. 2009

when you play love in 'the play of the world'

Blouse, vintage from Germany. Tank, Hema. Skirt, H&M. Socks, Hema (were my dad's but they didn't fit him)

I was supposed to go to the book store with my mom today but ended up reading the original Alice in Wonderland (translation in Dutch) while listening to classical music (!). I've kind of discovered that now and so I can pretty much say there's not a genre missing from my iPod.

Classical, Reggae, Pop, (Soft)Rock, Rock & Roll, Ballad, Acoustic, Alternative, Electronic, Country (..), Disney, Folk, Indie, Blues, 'French', Gospel, R&B, Hiphop, 'Oldies', Rap, Soul, 'Soundtrack'..

If you see one missing, tell me ;) I do really need to go to the book store, though. There's a sequel book coming out, I want Influence by the Olsens finally and the Alice in Wonderland original in English, and I have a total of 35 euros in gift certificates!

17 aug. 2009

please report to station

In my Breton pull from France. This thing cost me 25 euros but I LURVE it. My adoration you can conclude from the fact that i hate when people say 'lurve'. (Sorry for the bad quality, it was dark.)

I SUCK. But i swear that the only reason i'm not posting is because my own computer's internet isn't working, and my dad's computer is gone to his new 'own office' and my sister is occupying the laptop 24/7. But now that she's back to school and i still have about 10 days left of vacation, i can post again :) I do love you for the fact that you're not (yet) abandoning me :D

PS. It's my mom's birthday ;) for she's a jolly good fellaa...

EDIT: On September 9 there's this 'Beatles Breakfast' in music store FAME, and I'm going there!! It's because they've remastered their albums digitally or something and when you buy the box sets (I will, so help me GOD I will) you get a free shirt and poster and what not.. Everyone (remaining) in the Netherlands who is a fan of the Beatles, I'm telling you to sign up soon! Send an email to beatles@fame.nl with your name, adress and p.o.r. and with how many you're going to be. If you're lucky, it isn't full yet!

13 aug. 2009

new discoveries

i must apologize for my delay being longer than expected: as soon as we got back from texel, our wireless acted out. (texel was okay, by the way: we had fun but we were with five and i seemed to be the 'outsider'.) i do really appreciate all of your comments! could they be any sweeter..?

i've once again taken a dive into our dress up box and it's amazing how bottomless it seems..

probably more pictures coming which i still have to take. also my buys from france! i'm just too horrible..

EDIT: new layout.. i was getting kind of annoyed with the over-done thing.. it was just.. too much :p

5 aug. 2009

well call me a river and cry me out

Shirt, dad's old. Skirt, H&M. Fake Wayfarers, Zipper.

A simple outfit for to go to my friend's. Last post in about 3 to 5 days!

PS. (Topshop)

4 aug. 2009

blown over by evil a house of wood

There was a hole in my shoe. NO WAY I was throwing these away: I need them to get even more worn out. One pathetic little hole is simply not enough.

Isn't this exactly what the left-overs of your jeans are for?

And if I'm busy anyways ;)

Tomorrow I'm staying over with four of my friends, because we're going to Texel (a teeny Dutch island) with the five of us! I'll be back the 9th/10th and we're going to have fun! Cooking for ourselves, relaxing on the beach, picknicks, card games in the middle of the night, running towards our tents when it's raining.. Sounds a lot like what I've been doing in France the last three weeks but you know, everything's just better with friends around.

1 aug. 2009

if i wanted to stay i would have

With exactly two messages on twitter and for the rest no posts, news, anything, you'd say I've been really busy.

Let me tell you what I've actually been doing.


That's it. I sat in chairs, read books, went swimming, wrote a lot, drew some stuff.. And sure, we went to cities with markets some days and we even went canoing one day (which was totally fun and I laughed so hard when our boat turned itself under water and my mom and I fell and soaked) but for the rest.. barely anything. And that's what vacation is for, right?

I've bought a lot, though. The next dress is only one of the pieces, but I didn't feel like showing everything (so that'll come tomorrow or something) and this outfit was just in my head since I bought the thing.

Dress, Arles market. Tights, Hema.

I could tell you the rest, in words, but that's not half as cool. You need to see the amazing things I bought at the cute markets and even children's shops..

And today I slept and had 'fun with tights'.

Shirt, Easy Wear. Purple tights, Hema. Other tights, H&M.

Until tomorrow my loves.