24 aug. 2009

color clash flash. clash.

Pink Panther shirt, V&D. DIY cut-off shorts, Bella. Ladybug necklace, from my childhood. High-tops, Converse. (Headband came with a shirt ;) )

11 opmerkingen:

Fashion Pix zei

Leuke foto zeg!

Mo zei

o i love pink !

juancocco zei


Maverick Malone zei

I LOVE that shirt!! <3

xox, mavi

valonia irene zei

love your look x)
mind to echange link?

Flashes of Style zei

ooo pretty colors! You look so cute.

UnoCosa zei

really really wonderful color and composition ... xoxo

miky zei

lov your header!

Eneli, zei

really nice picture !


caroline zei

LOVE this!
so fun!

Slanelle zei

great outfit !