17 aug. 2009

please report to station

In my Breton pull from France. This thing cost me 25 euros but I LURVE it. My adoration you can conclude from the fact that i hate when people say 'lurve'. (Sorry for the bad quality, it was dark.)

I SUCK. But i swear that the only reason i'm not posting is because my own computer's internet isn't working, and my dad's computer is gone to his new 'own office' and my sister is occupying the laptop 24/7. But now that she's back to school and i still have about 10 days left of vacation, i can post again :) I do love you for the fact that you're not (yet) abandoning me :D

PS. It's my mom's birthday ;) for she's a jolly good fellaa...

EDIT: On September 9 there's this 'Beatles Breakfast' in music store FAME, and I'm going there!! It's because they've remastered their albums digitally or something and when you buy the box sets (I will, so help me GOD I will) you get a free shirt and poster and what not.. Everyone (remaining) in the Netherlands who is a fan of the Beatles, I'm telling you to sign up soon! Send an email to beatles@fame.nl with your name, adress and p.o.r. and with how many you're going to be. If you're lucky, it isn't full yet!

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Thanks for dropping by:]
Good luck on the box sets!
I started going back to Beatles after the movie "across the universe."