25 aug. 2009

we celebrate

100th post! And.. I have absolutely nothing to say! I'm just glad I made it so far already, you know, that I.. kept going on ;) most of the time I promise myself to keep a blog/website and I just quit because I get bored. I think this is different, because it's a passion of mine and I'm just too glad with the amount of visitors I get to stop. It might not be as much as all these great bloggers get, but it takes time and I'm willing to give that.

Well I guess this 'something' :)

A treat to you, though: my buys from today ;)

Longsleeve shirt, €3, vintage (Laura Dols).
Tie-dye dress, €5, vintage (Zipper).

Talk about bargains ;)

10 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Congratulation with your 100th post!

yiqin; zei

That DIY is fab. Love the print.

HoneyBunny zei

Congrats on the 100th post! Great buys too:)

SaraLouise zei

oh that dress is stunning


Anoniem zei

congratulations dear! and your blog is really lovely btw, and i love the things you have bought ♥

Aya Smith zei

Congrats on your 100th post! That's great! Love these DYIs, just awesome! :D

Flashes of Style zei

loove these! And congrats :)

linaa, zei

love DIY, cheap yet you can make exactly what you want
love your buys, love vintage clothing. im in australia so i dont know what the random E thing means.. euro im presuming?
god im addicted to yur blog

emily zei

congrats!! and my word verification was "u playin"... think that means anything?

Anoniem zei

i blinked, what, 20 times when I saw the prices of those items. your one luck jammer.