13 aug. 2009

new discoveries

i must apologize for my delay being longer than expected: as soon as we got back from texel, our wireless acted out. (texel was okay, by the way: we had fun but we were with five and i seemed to be the 'outsider'.) i do really appreciate all of your comments! could they be any sweeter..?

i've once again taken a dive into our dress up box and it's amazing how bottomless it seems..

probably more pictures coming which i still have to take. also my buys from france! i'm just too horrible..

EDIT: new layout.. i was getting kind of annoyed with the over-done thing.. it was just.. too much :p

4 opmerkingen:

Sam zei

Wow, alle accessoires zijn geweldig!

kimi zei

Love the new layout. Your old was a bit confusing - like you said: lil' bit too much.
Cute pics.

emily zei

at first i almost didn't recognize your blog. ;) anyway, that fan is too cool!

Sang zei

cutest post ever.
all three pictures seem to accentuate your adorable hair.
hairstyle eally looks lovely on you.