25 aug. 2009

baby there's a shark in the water

Breton sweater, shop in Arles France. Jeans, H&M. Lace-ups, Zipper (DIY patch). Ladybug necklace from childhood (upper) and a gift from a friend (lower ladybug :) ). Fabric tree bag, ..? Pearl bracelets, gift from my primary school teacher ;)

Wore this for a day in the center of Amsterdam, shopping with a friend. I bought a dress at the Zipper for 5 euros and a shirt at Laura Dols for 3 euros (which you'll see soon, I promise). We drank coffee and ate hot dogs and on our way home talked about 'being old' and reincarnation. She thought I must have a very young soul. Hers is not young, not old.. somewhere about two to three centuries :)

6 opmerkingen:

kimi zei

these necklaces look so good against your sweater.

valonia irene zei

love your ladybug necklace ! that's sooo cute x)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse zei

Love the sweater--I want to steal it!

Sang zei

jeez did you edit this photo yourself?
amazing composition. i thought it was three diff people dressed exactly the same....
haha well i was actually staring at it for a while.
love the look!

emily zei

omg, i just read about a woman who believed she was nefertiti in a past life and has had over 50 surgeries to try and make herself look like a "modern" version of the queen. wow. i wonder who i was in a past life...

Anoniem zei

you are very talented :) im kinda ddicted to your blog LMAO.