27 aug. 2009

i'll do anything, to be happy

Cardigan, Benetton. Basic longsleeve, H&M. High-waist skirt, H&M. Polka dot tights, H&M. Ladybug necklaces: one from my childhood and one was a gift from a friend. (Headband came with shirt/worn with bright red low-top All Stars.)

I'm kind of uninspired lately when it comes to post titles so I'm quoting a few of my new loved songs ;) this is what I wore to the first (official) day to school. Yesterday we got to know in what class we were, we got our timetables and then we went for a walk in the woods. Our teacher, though, didn't know the way, nor did he know how to work with a map.. but we had a very special, goat-milk ice cream afterward which had a weird aftertaste but was good anyhow ;) Today we had PE, 'General Science' in which we watched short films from illusionist Darren Brown (is he the one that wrote all those Freak Show books and all?), then what we call a 'between hour' (no class) and at last philosophy, which was probably the best part of the day ;) there was this boy who came from Germany and moved here and he carried this dictionary all the time ;)

PS. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I was really flattered to hear all these good things about my blog and all. I'm getting back to each and every one of them as soon as possible!

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Katerina zei

ohhh....look at this skirt!!!it is utterly amazing!!!i like your outfit very much!!!xx

Isabel zei

I absolutely adore your tights. They're adorable!

layia zei

i love your skirt and necklaces! my first day of school is next tuesday. i don't know if i should be excited or not ><

kimi zei

This is a great outfit. I really like the headband. It looks so good with your curly hair.

UnoCosa zei

i really love love the photo and its mood (of course the outfit too :-)))... and i think quoting song-title is a great way to go ... xoxo

Raisa zei

Ladybug necklace, how cute!

A walk in the woods..sounds really calming. I've always wanted to walk in the woods.




Rebecca, The Clothes Horse zei

Cute look: adorable skirt and tights. Actually, I need those tights!

yiqin; zei

The tights are so pretty :)

Laura @ effluvia zei

Cute outfit. :)


Merily zei

Those tights are amazing!

Zany Style zei

wow ur awsome! I'm following u!!!


Anoniem zei

nice blog..love it

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Jessica zei

loveee the polkadots tights!!

Natalie zei

Your tights are rockin! i love the first photo!



Patty Ann zei

what do you mean uninspired? this outfit is really cute and inspirational, i want to be so effortless chic too! Love the polka dot stockings! xx


Anoniem zei

Keep on posting such themes. I like to read blogs like this. Just add some pics :)

Anoniem zei

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