21 aug. 2009

we dream of coco

Cardigan, Ross. Loose stripe tank (w/ pocket detail), Zara. Shorts, Mervyn's. Leggings, H&M.

I keep referring to 'we' all the time, dunno why.. maybe I feel lonely :p by the way, I was kind of whining in the last outfit post. I mean, I know that guys are different, but it was just that I liked this one guy a lot, and I thought he was different too. You know, different from all the wannabe-'gangsta's' with their pants on their knees and whatever. He was smart and funny in a weird way (the same humor I have ;) ) and stuff. But then he got a girlfriend. I mean nothing but to say that she is the best proof of stereo type I've ever seen.

I'm not to speak, though. He was my best friend's brother. Is that cheesy or what?

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Anoniem zei

show us your face!!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse zei

Fun look; too bad about the boy. Maybe he'll grow out it or over her...
P.S. Vanity Fair is might not be to your taste...do you like Austen? He's slightly more old-school than her...but it is a good book and worth trying if you're interested.

FabBlab zei

I'm liking the look.

Fannah zei

Anoniem: show us yours!
Rebecca: I tried reading Pride & Prejudice after I saw the movie (which I loved) but it's a little too hard ;) I love how it's written, although I don't really get it :p

Anoniem zei

drop by to say hi...if you have time visit our shop and leave acknowledgement! cheers! Btw ..love your blog!

yiqin; zei

I love the shorts :) I have an eyecandy too..he doesnt seem interested tho :(

Eneli, zei

this picture is really cool ;)


kimi zei

I really like the picture! great colours.