4 aug. 2009

blown over by evil a house of wood

There was a hole in my shoe. NO WAY I was throwing these away: I need them to get even more worn out. One pathetic little hole is simply not enough.

Isn't this exactly what the left-overs of your jeans are for?

And if I'm busy anyways ;)

Tomorrow I'm staying over with four of my friends, because we're going to Texel (a teeny Dutch island) with the five of us! I'll be back the 9th/10th and we're going to have fun! Cooking for ourselves, relaxing on the beach, picknicks, card games in the middle of the night, running towards our tents when it's raining.. Sounds a lot like what I've been doing in France the last three weeks but you know, everything's just better with friends around.

4 opmerkingen:

nicola ticola ponders zei

One puney hole?? No way! Patch 'em up I say! Good work! I love the laces!

nicola xx

emily zei

those cherry laces are awesome!

giselaisback zei


Ruhvana and Flanelli zei

I never thought about that. Oh, really I usually wear leather shoes, but I would like own a pair of canvas shoes. Maybe just like those. Briliant idea.