18 aug. 2009

when you play love in 'the play of the world'

Blouse, vintage from Germany. Tank, Hema. Skirt, H&M. Socks, Hema (were my dad's but they didn't fit him)

I was supposed to go to the book store with my mom today but ended up reading the original Alice in Wonderland (translation in Dutch) while listening to classical music (!). I've kind of discovered that now and so I can pretty much say there's not a genre missing from my iPod.

Classical, Reggae, Pop, (Soft)Rock, Rock & Roll, Ballad, Acoustic, Alternative, Electronic, Country (..), Disney, Folk, Indie, Blues, 'French', Gospel, R&B, Hiphop, 'Oldies', Rap, Soul, 'Soundtrack'..

If you see one missing, tell me ;) I do really need to go to the book store, though. There's a sequel book coming out, I want Influence by the Olsens finally and the Alice in Wonderland original in English, and I have a total of 35 euros in gift certificates!

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