23 aug. 2009

there's always time to make time

Shirt, H&M (my mom's). Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M Young. Shoes, shop in Portugal.

I gave these shoes to my sister but they still fit me (enough.. I don't feel my toes too hot but who cares about toes?) and I love them so.. Too bad I don't wear them so much, but now my sister won't let me wear them so I'll have to steal them.. Shh..

Yesterday we went to a party in this friend's second home.. it was an 'anti-squat' which used to be a psychiatric facility. It looked like it too: like there were isolation cells under the floor and all, and like people had bumped their heads against walls.. no kidding. But they will not fix it because it could be so that they get 'kicked out' and then they just have to leave. That is, when the government or something has got plans for it. But the area was so pretty! It's a shame my camera was in the car still when me and my parents went for a little walk. It was all green and there were meadows all over the place. Plants grew at their wildest, and on one field there was this overgrown Maria statue. I swear it could have been mesmerizing enough to get me to become catholic.

(I painted my nails before and made a picture with the cutest fairy scepter that belonged to the 5 year-old in the family.)

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nycrun zei


Alanna zei

i love that last photo!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse zei

Love the nails and that wand is awesome!

Penny zei

Love the shirt & skirt combination. Adorable!