31 dec. 2009


All H&M.

I'm kind of in a rush because guests could be arriving soon. I believe this is the first year ever we're having a new year's party at our home!

A few of my resolutions for 2010:
- Take care of myself better, physically and mentally.
- Go out of the house whenever possible.
- Throw parties, pic nics, photoshoots, etc.
- Save money for things I really want.
What are yours? ;)

All I really wanted to say is: I wish you a merry, amazing, mind-blowing 2010. May it turn out the best for you, a year to remember, a year worth the decade-change.

29 dec. 2009

or maybe you should try the liquor, i promise you'll get drunk much quicker

Shirt, my dad's. Cardigan, Hema. Shorts, secondhand. Tights, unknown. Scarf, weird shop..

I got this scarf in a shop that has amazing clearout sales.. always, along with two bowties and a pure silk vest: every piece 1 euro.
The shorts I got when my mom was cleaning her seweing closet and she saved some stuff because of the fabrics. She also gave me a funny overall and a cool-printed shirt :D

These things are what i love to wear most: secondhand or best-deal-ever.
What's your favorite store, or way to get new clothes? ^^

25 dec. 2009


It's Christmas.
I haven't made clear I'm out there in about three weeks.
I have finally found a source of inspiration.
I have New Year's resolutions (that say nothing about blogging, but ah well)
I thought I'd show you what I'm wearing for our family's Christmas dinner.
My fever is over (yes I had one..)
I currently have nothing to do.
It's Christmas.

I promise to you now that 2010 will be better. I mean, I don't know if I can keep it, but I just will have to find a way. Truth is, every time I don't blog I seem to fall into some depression or something. So, it must be good for me. A remedy.

It's Christmas.

1 dec. 2009

i've been alone in how i feel

Jumper dress, H&M Paris. Cardigan, tights, longsleeve, Hema. Chucks, Converse.

I can't believe I've not worn this dress in so long, it's been my favorite and it will be again aah!
okay I know why. I had to iron. but I just.. didn't, today.

Pardon me for my foolishness. It's just that over a week now I've been a total freak. I've been acting.. unusual. Sometimes this meant dancing around the house like crazy (with or without anyone else home), sometimes silly faces, sometimes boredom which led to sarcastic pointless written texts, and sometimes dullness and lameless and energylessness and I'm just like 'whuuuugh' all day. Try picture that. CONCLUDED: I am in love.

25 nov. 2009


Village hoodie, Madewell. Dress, H&M. Tights, Hema. Shoes, Converse.

Been lazy. Been bored. Been tired. Been downloading a lot of indie+alt+electro+ambient songs and now am crazy about Relator (Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - she sings really well!)

How about you? Hibernation feel kicking in yet? ;)

Oh yeah: I'm making a list of words I really love: not for the meaning but for the sound of it or how you spell it. A few of them are féerie (French for fairy), hiemes (Latin for winters) and mitochondria :D I'd love to know some words that you think are beautiful, if you have them ;) and if not, think about it..


22 nov. 2009

have a smoke, have a pocket tee

have a smoke, have a pocket tee

I dreamt this look, but with a vintage worn-out shirt and espadrilles in stead of boat shoes and a pocket tee. After editing the look a bit when awake, I felt the immense urge of buying these jeans.. Damn my decision of saving up for sales, school trips and holidays!
(I don't smoke. Spare me the lung cancer please. But I think on some people it just looks so good..)

Oh yeah, my blog is one year and four days old today ;) I forgot to 'celebrate' the anniversary on the actual day, but it would only have been a lot of blah-blahs. So. Here's a shorter blah-blah with a polyvore to cover it :)


12 nov. 2009


Hoodie, Okaidi (French kids' store). Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M (Young).

I tend to put my looks on lookbook before I post them here, lately. Mind the hype? ;)

And I'm going to keep asking :)

Ps. a mitochondria is an organelle in your cel that produces the matter 'ATP' which provides the energy for getting molecules in and out of your cells.

in case you were interested :)

9 nov. 2009

well you, my friend, have no sense of rhythm

Shirt with giraffes, Albert Cuyp market. Cardigan, Ross. Skirt, secondhand. Tights, Hema. Socks, Bristol. Chucks, Converse.

I don't know if you've heard of museumnacht, which is some event in Amsterdam that takes place every year around the 8th of November. Well I went, with two friends, and it was.. kind of lame. First we wanted to go to the Artis Zoo but when we were there, we found out you had to follow some tour so we left because we'd rather have gone sneeking through the zoo ourselves. We went to this friend who had to work (because her dad is the 'headmaster'(?) of this one museum) and we couldn't get in because one girl had lost her ticket (which she had gotten from another friend, you know, for free instead of 17,50) and so we had to go through the employee's entrance. We had to wait then to get another ticket via the headmaster-dad, so while waiting we were discussing what we were going to do. One of them, and me, wanted to go to this other museum where there was a Sixties Party (read: dancing to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who etc!!) but the other two didn't want to so we spent the rest of the night in the dad's office. Twas kind of boring, so next time I'll go with other, more.. willing.. friends.. :s

How was your weekend? :)

PS. Still fill this in please? ;)

29 okt. 2009

play the game along

Red Sox shirt, 'souvenir' from my dad. Striped shirt, Bristol. Grey skirt, H&M. Red tights, H&M.


27 okt. 2009

paste it n' post it

Just so you know I'm alive and well. Well, well.. (haha) I have some issues and all, don't I always, but they're not in any way related to what this blog is (supposed to be) so I'll leave it be :)

My sowed patch gave up. So I taped my shoe. Both of them, actually: the other big toe had found its way through as well. The tape won't last, though. I went to take out the garbage and I live on the fourth floor so don't get me wrong.. but they gave in already. So I might just have to find myself new blue shoes/lace-ups. Or a combination. Or both.

Now I'll have to study for a French grammar test.. They're so stupid because the explanations are in French. So if you don't get French, you simply look at the explanation and.. oh no!
(I'm not bad at French but grammar is just horrible in whatever language..)

Nightie night :)

21 okt. 2009

going cheap

Vogue UK November 09 'Greatest Hits' I was flicking through this in the store (no chance of buying it for near 10 euros, sorry) and loved this look. It was easy and sailor and stripy and you must know I'm a sucker for stripes. Then I looked at the shoes. I felt I needed a pair of those. Then I looked at the price, and discovered that the world of fashion and magazines is going the right way. Because among all those other pieces in it that were all 'just above' 100 pounds, these shoes are 2. 2! At Primark! Even I could afford that.

Speaking of bargains (which is a loose term), we went shopping today.. or actually we were there for groceries but had to stop at this cheap-o store 'Bristol' for just a quick peak. We found out you could stuff the entire collection in bags and get 20% off. So we did that. And actually this feels way better than H&M because you're pretty sure no one else has got it ;)

A spencer: this is something I've been looking for for a while now and I found one in the boy's section :D boys rock. (14,40)

A Jimi Hendrix shirt! It isn't all too clear in this picture but it's really an amazing thing :) (12,00)

A basic red/grey striped shirt and I'm going to ask my friend to put the Beatles logo on it! (8,00)

Also I bought a really cool dres but the picture and the no-body in it really don't do it justice so you'll see it in an outfit sometime soon :) And now.. I am out of money.

May I also please tell you to answer these questions here :)

tell me all bout it



I need to know from you your favorite:

x Alternative or indie band
x Vintage shop (no matter what place)
x Restaurant (no matter what place either)
x Photographer
x Fashion blog
x Brand/designer
x Place-to-be (this can be a city, country side, beach, field, village etc.)

Reason: none in particular. I just want some tips, a to-do-with-my-life list, some new things..

These subjects aren't related to each other or anything, but they are all things I would want to know the best of, to improve etc. And if you have anything else that you might think I'd find interesting and you have a favorite of, tell me!

20 okt. 2009

flash back or flash forward

All I showed you of this season's runways was the one Comme des Garcons picture, which I thought had gotten bad reviews but wasn't in fact true! It was Louis Vuitton who was found ridiculous but I didn't agree on that either. Anyway, since I think I should give you more than my crappy outfit shots once a week, I decided to do a quickie-review on my favorite brands and their Spring '10 RTW shows.

Moschino Cheap & Chic I love the colors, fabrics, patterns, accessories, pieces! Everything! It's so playful, as always, and wearable as well as just inspirational.

Marc Jacobs Marc did okay I suppose, but some things were just slightly 'off' and I didn't like the pyjama pants a lot. The shoes simply confused me. There were some really good dresses in there but you had to look for them. Not his best.

Chanel I think this might have been the most memorable show of the season because of the original setting and all. It gives it the spring feel that is kind of missing for the outfit colors, but I guess that's a trademark, the black and white. I did like the looks: they were Chanel no doubt but still again unique and new. I thought the clogs were very cool, and the white tights with stripes too. Could we DIY that? ;)

Viktor & Rolf I found I should add these amazing guys to my favorites because they're so creative and outstanding.. I'm so proud of our country 'sniff'.. A Viktor & Rolf idea of wearable is quite different from the public's. But you gotta love it. The color schemes were really springish but still 'sober' (meaning not over the top) which delivered some great things. I especially loved the rose shoes! There were a few pieces, though, that were probably a great idea on paper but in execution a little less. The impression I got from the total was 'modern, silk angels' which is to me a pretty lovely concept.

Emanuel Ungaro I'm actually not at all familiar with his work but when I'd heard Lindsay Lohan was the new creative editor here I had to take a look. I always found she has a great sense of style, though the last I've seen of her it was all leggings and I'm not the greatest fan of those. Anyway, I don't know how much influence a creative editor has on the final result, but I actually liked this show! The colors and patterns especially stood out to me and of course not everything was perfect, but the overall thing seemed pretty good to me. I do have to say that, in contrast to the V&R collection, 'ready to wear' is maybe an understatement here. Then again there's nothing wrong much with a simple look once in a while :)

Source: nymag.com

19 okt. 2009


Shirt w/ pocket, H&M. Cardigan, Ross. Skirt, H&M. Purple tights, Hema. Green tights under, H&M.

See when I promise you I'm gone the waiting for a new post is a lot less long ;) at least for me it is.

11 okt. 2009

4 okt. 2009

i'll tell you what

Cardigan, Benetton. Shirt, C&A. Skirt, H&M. Leggings, H&M. Ski socks, ?

I found out this is the last outfit I photographed, being also the only one since my last post. Which has been ages ago.
Tomorrow I have a chemistry test, Tuesday a physics test, Wednesday a French test and I wouldn't be surprised if the last two weekdays I have tests too. At my school they just adore these kind of practical jokes.

So school, friends and crushes (no just one :p) are taking over me. No time for dressing left. Do you know how horrible that sounds??

I don't blame you for abandoning me, I'm just hating the fact that I'll have to get all my 20 (or even more :o) visitors back someday, somehow. And I haven't checked bloglovin' for WEEKS so I might just be walking around totally old-school without even noticing :') wount that be funny.

So here's an ANNOUNCED break. Pause. Vacation. Name it whatever. I'm gone for a while again now. G'bye. X.

25 sep. 2009

covered with tissues

Busy, busy, busy. Not merely an excuse. I have just not done SHOOT for school and am now experiencing the bad consequences. I got a C for a biology test which was (supposed to be) the easiest one of the year and a C+/B- for math (which is okay, but still). Also I am 'crushing all over again' and it's scaring me because last time it didn't turn out too well.

Cardigan, Benetton. Dress as top, Ross. Skirt, my mom's old. Tights, H&M. (worn with red Converse)

Denim blouse+skirt+silk tights=H&M! Haha. (worn with striped espadrilles from France you haven't seen yet.. :#)

Sweater, H&M. DIY cut-off shorts, CRB. Tights, Hema. Duck necklace, home made (chain H&M and duck my sister's). Bracelets, home made.

I promise that I'll update at least every half week. I hope to be able to do it every day but that I sadly can't give you for sure because I'm busy busy busy. No excuse.

17 sep. 2009


I am the most unreliable. But making myself look like a bad person isn't going to satisfy you is it? I've just actually been busy. I had a 'nervous breakdown' this Monday, on matters like school, love, et cetera. You know the works. Point is that I'm actually going to have to do homework this year: a concept entirely new to me, since I always did all the work during school. For the rest I've discovered that a German transfer guy (who is pretty adorable) has come to like me and this is also a new thing for me. I've just been confused and unfocused ever since: he likes me, he likes me not..

So catching up there is: four outfits. Then again, this is something that's happened before here.. Unreliable I tell you..

Green polo, Hema. Sweater, French store. Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M Young. All Stars, Converse. (Liked the geek-collar effect :D)

Obama shirt, my dad's. Tights, Hema. (Worn with a skirt but I can't remember which..)

Plaid shirt, flee market (Queen's Day). Cardigan, Ross. Skirt and tights, H&M.

Shirt, mom's old. Dress under, vintage (Zipper). Tights, Makro. Shoe laces as belt, Nike.

I went shopping yesterday.. bought a shirt, a dress and a sweater/dress which I'll be showing you (in outfits, probably). SOON.

5 sep. 2009

simplicity does it

SO.. I've finally come to the point where I'm in fact answering your questions. I'm pretty depressed because my computer died and so my recently made files are dead and gone. Forever. Getting even more depressed with the thought of bloglovin', lookbook and everything waiting on me and I really don't feel like catching up! But now I'm gonna do this.

What inspires you the most?
I'm most inspired by fashion blogs, well-dressed people I see anywhere, and my own closet. The best way to compile an outfit is exploring what you yourself have :)

What are your favorite blogs?
I have a few: I love Tavi of Style Rookie, Merily of Sequin Magazine, Renée Sturme, Elin (elinkan.blogg.se), Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl, Sam of Daily Fashion Boost.. These people all dress so well. I must say, though, that Rebecca of The Clothes Horse is my 'most practical inspiration' because she works with what she has, and I love that. I love how she remixes and everything and above all, she's so sweet!

What countries would you like to visit?
Can I say all of them? :) I'd love to go to Australia: after I've seen the movie (with the same title..) I have fallen in love with the looks of it. So beautiful.. Besides that, I'd love to visit Japan, China, India, Russia, England, Scandinavian countries, New York (though that isn't a country on its own), Italy.. Yes, all of them :) and I want to be able to speak all languages too.

Favorite color?
I love bright yellow as a color, although I must say blue would be my favorite for clothes. You might have noticed I have a lot of blue 'key items' because it's, along with striped clothes, the first thing I'm drawn to in a store.

How would you call your style?
You tell me ;) I wouldn't know. Someone once left a comment saying that in New York it would be called 'soho chic' or something, but all I know is that I don't dress like most Dutch people. Here, the basic outfit is now a blazer, a tight top, a minimal skirt, black tights and Ugg boots or lace-up Vans. If not, it's jeans. I just wanted to 'stand out', but not too much and so I'd say I'm 'different' :) Otherwise, name me :p

Who is your favorite style icon?
I don't really have one.. I love how Zooey Deschanel is dressed in movies (Yes Man, 500 Days of Summer), I like Agyness Deyn's style.. But mostly it's the bloggers I follow and the people I see :)

Why are you blogging?
I somehow decided last September or something, that I wanted to dress other than all the girls in school. I owned a blog before (which was for my daily experiences) and that way came across fashion blogs. I loved the idea and started one of my own..

Do you follow Tavi of Style Rookie? (Because not that your style is the same but both of you have a boldness about you and original style)
I do follow Tavi, and love her amazing style. I would never come near that, I'd never even compare us because she's just so amazing :o I admire her for being to wear anything with anything and still look great always. And she's a great example of how age doesn't say anything about your sense of style.. :)

What blogs do you follow?
Here I go.. I'm not placing links because it'd be too much work but you can look it up on bloglovin' or something :) ...etc, jeaniuss (as i am art i am human i am alive..), 4th and Bleeker, Alice Point, Atsuii, Childhood Flames, Daily Fashion Boost, Diamondcanopy, Face Hunter, Fashion Toast, Fashion Fillers (Renée Sturme), Hysteric Girl, Hand It Over, Igor + André, It's Nancy's new blog, Jag Lever, Juancocco, Karla's Closet, Liebemarlene Vintage, My Milk Toof, Nana in Los Angeles, Of Crownless Kings, Olsens Anonymous, Park & Cube, Radar Magazine, Sea of Shoes, Sequin Magazine, Shelley & Joachim, Somewhere Here, Style Bubble, Style Rookie, Taghrid, The Cherry Blossom Girl, The Clothes Horse, Vanessa Jackman and Wishwishwish.
I once 'cleaned it out' because I hated the amount of posts I had to read. They just kept coming back though ;)

What is the one food you'd eat over and over and never get tired of?
Hmm.. I'm a sushi freak. I love (Dutch) pancakes. My mom's home recipe for salmon wraps/tortillas. I love good food :) but I think there's nothing you can eat every minute of every day and not get nauseous of..

Favorite designer?
I love Marc Jacobs for his originailty and creativity, Moschino because it's plain crazy and fun, Chanel because it's sophisicated and chic but far from boring or anything. Those are my three basic favorites but honestly I'm not as much into brands as in vintage, flee markets etc. I love a piece way better when it's a form of second-hand, because it's most likely one of a kind and all..

How would you describe your style?
I'd say colorful, for one, different and out-standing but not too much (because I'm still a shy girl..).. But like I said, I don't know if it has a name or anything.

Favorite book?
The Catcher in the Rye, This Perfect Day, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Georgia Nicolson (series), Gone (series).. I read quite a lot :) but most books I read in Dutch so I wouldn't know what they're called in English..

Favorite movie?
The Pursuit of Happyness, The Color Purple (which was the first movie ever where I shed a real tear), A Prairie Home Companion, The Devil Wears Prada (cheesy, I know..), The Little Princess, Alice In Wonderland, Little Man Tate, Amadeus.. a lot too ;)

Who's your favorite female model?
I love Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman, Lily Cole.. I kind of don't like Kate Moss as a model, honestly, but I fell in love with her when I found out she'd done that chemistry test on her dog and everything and that she's so smart and all :)

What is your first childhood memory?
When I was about three, I 'wrote a song'. I wore these striped pajamas and had a toy guitar with four strings and I sang over and over again: 'When I'm four, I'm going to primary school!' And I'd just jam the guitar strings and everything. The lyrics were in Dutch though ;)

Do you have any pets?
No, I sadly don't :( about two years ago our (in my memory) first cat died. Then about a year or so later we got two new ones (which we'd named Puma and Nike :p) but then we found out they weren't potty trained.. actually my mom found out. In a very.. unpleasant way.

How do you decide what to wear?
Most of the time I stand in front of my closet and I pick an item I feel like wearing, and combine it. Sometimes I have these rare nights where I just know what I want to wear the next day, but most of the time those outfits come out worse than the inspirational 'at-the-time' outfits. If that makes any sense ;)

Hope you enjoyed this :) Sorry for the delay, a million trillion apologies! I promise to post more often again (I was doing so well..) and I hope I can get a Mac soon because my computer now is the worst of all things technical..

1 sep. 2009

papa papa dear papa i lost my love

Shirt and belt, my mom's. Skirt, H&M. Tights, Hema. (Paired with cardigan and lace-ups, my famous blue patched ones.. )

WHOA. That many questions? Who would have expected it? And not only that, I think you guys broke my comment-record. Please don't find me desperate for noticing. I'll have to do the post another time though. My own computer crashed (again..) and I'm kind of in a hurry right now so I'll have to take my time for it once :) I'm glad to see there were some very original questions ;) keep asking! That way we could do all at once..

I am, by the way, very proud of myself. Not that this has anything to do with anything but I'm actually being very social in school (you know, like, talking to kids I barely know) which is something I am of nature too shy for to do. But I convinced myself. And who would have guessed it all went so fast? I'm proud to call a cute German transfer guy (named Lou ^^) a new 'friend' (okay, that's a big word) and to have shared a delicious cappuccino with very nice classmates :D

C'est tout :) xx.

PS. Check my originality ;)

29 aug. 2009

this world is getting better and better with the day

Tie-dye dress, vintage. Cardigan, Ross. Headband turned belt came with shirt.

I think in the first-to-last post people had mistaken this dress for DIY in stead of tie-dye. Note: I did not dye it myself, I bought it this way! :)

Today we're having a party at my house. It's to celebrate my mom's birthday, but also still mine (though it was in June..) Friends and family are coming over and there's a lot of food :)

PLAYING: I love you - Esser
I usually don't do 'playing' thingies but I just felt like it ;)

PS: I'd love to make a Q&A post! I don't know if anyone would be interested but I'd like to answer questions if there are. So just ask anything and when there are enough I'll put them in a post :)

27 aug. 2009

i'll do anything, to be happy

Cardigan, Benetton. Basic longsleeve, H&M. High-waist skirt, H&M. Polka dot tights, H&M. Ladybug necklaces: one from my childhood and one was a gift from a friend. (Headband came with shirt/worn with bright red low-top All Stars.)

I'm kind of uninspired lately when it comes to post titles so I'm quoting a few of my new loved songs ;) this is what I wore to the first (official) day to school. Yesterday we got to know in what class we were, we got our timetables and then we went for a walk in the woods. Our teacher, though, didn't know the way, nor did he know how to work with a map.. but we had a very special, goat-milk ice cream afterward which had a weird aftertaste but was good anyhow ;) Today we had PE, 'General Science' in which we watched short films from illusionist Darren Brown (is he the one that wrote all those Freak Show books and all?), then what we call a 'between hour' (no class) and at last philosophy, which was probably the best part of the day ;) there was this boy who came from Germany and moved here and he carried this dictionary all the time ;)

PS. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I was really flattered to hear all these good things about my blog and all. I'm getting back to each and every one of them as soon as possible!

25 aug. 2009

we celebrate

100th post! And.. I have absolutely nothing to say! I'm just glad I made it so far already, you know, that I.. kept going on ;) most of the time I promise myself to keep a blog/website and I just quit because I get bored. I think this is different, because it's a passion of mine and I'm just too glad with the amount of visitors I get to stop. It might not be as much as all these great bloggers get, but it takes time and I'm willing to give that.

Well I guess this 'something' :)

A treat to you, though: my buys from today ;)

Longsleeve shirt, €3, vintage (Laura Dols).
Tie-dye dress, €5, vintage (Zipper).

Talk about bargains ;)

baby there's a shark in the water

Breton sweater, shop in Arles France. Jeans, H&M. Lace-ups, Zipper (DIY patch). Ladybug necklace from childhood (upper) and a gift from a friend (lower ladybug :) ). Fabric tree bag, ..? Pearl bracelets, gift from my primary school teacher ;)

Wore this for a day in the center of Amsterdam, shopping with a friend. I bought a dress at the Zipper for 5 euros and a shirt at Laura Dols for 3 euros (which you'll see soon, I promise). We drank coffee and ate hot dogs and on our way home talked about 'being old' and reincarnation. She thought I must have a very young soul. Hers is not young, not old.. somewhere about two to three centuries :)