11 okt. 2009

why did everyone dislike this?!


6 opmerkingen:

Casey zei

Did style.com give it a negative review? I feel like this season they've just bitched about so many more lines that normal.
I think this is a cool outfit. Love the really colorful jazz shoes with the black tights, I might try that sometime.

emily zei

really? i haven't heard anyone say they didn't like it on the blogs i read...

Zany Style zei

this is so awwwsome. i like the jacket! the pants.... it looks like its riding up into her crotch... heehee. but i love the jacket though, don't get me wrong. whats not to like.... (exept for you know...)


Maverick Malone zei

no idea. it's my first time seeing it, and I like it.

Marmelindela zei

IK SNAP HET OOK NIET! Ik vind je blog trouwens mysterieus, stiekem denk ik dat je gewoon geen hoofd hebt.

Fannah zei

@ Marmelindela: haha geen hoofd maar wel haar.. je hebt me door :|

@ all: Tavi said on her blog that people found it ridiculous. I don't know if that equals 'bad' but I interpreted it that way..