27 okt. 2009

paste it n' post it

Just so you know I'm alive and well. Well, well.. (haha) I have some issues and all, don't I always, but they're not in any way related to what this blog is (supposed to be) so I'll leave it be :)

My sowed patch gave up. So I taped my shoe. Both of them, actually: the other big toe had found its way through as well. The tape won't last, though. I went to take out the garbage and I live on the fourth floor so don't get me wrong.. but they gave in already. So I might just have to find myself new blue shoes/lace-ups. Or a combination. Or both.

Now I'll have to study for a French grammar test.. They're so stupid because the explanations are in French. So if you don't get French, you simply look at the explanation and.. oh no!
(I'm not bad at French but grammar is just horrible in whatever language..)

Nightie night :)

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kimi zei

I'm so bad in French grammar! but my French teacher recently told me that french mother-tongue speaker also make loads of mistakes. good to hear but it doesn't improve my marks ^^

juancocco zei

hahaha love what you say about french

La Chauve-Souris zei


chippendales zei

Bravo car c'est sûr que notre grammaire est loin d'être facile et il y a tellement de possibilité qu'il ne faut pas toutes les apprendre ou alors beaucoup de courage mais pourquoi pas!