21 okt. 2009

going cheap

Vogue UK November 09 'Greatest Hits' I was flicking through this in the store (no chance of buying it for near 10 euros, sorry) and loved this look. It was easy and sailor and stripy and you must know I'm a sucker for stripes. Then I looked at the shoes. I felt I needed a pair of those. Then I looked at the price, and discovered that the world of fashion and magazines is going the right way. Because among all those other pieces in it that were all 'just above' 100 pounds, these shoes are 2. 2! At Primark! Even I could afford that.

Speaking of bargains (which is a loose term), we went shopping today.. or actually we were there for groceries but had to stop at this cheap-o store 'Bristol' for just a quick peak. We found out you could stuff the entire collection in bags and get 20% off. So we did that. And actually this feels way better than H&M because you're pretty sure no one else has got it ;)

A spencer: this is something I've been looking for for a while now and I found one in the boy's section :D boys rock. (14,40)

A Jimi Hendrix shirt! It isn't all too clear in this picture but it's really an amazing thing :) (12,00)

A basic red/grey striped shirt and I'm going to ask my friend to put the Beatles logo on it! (8,00)

Also I bought a really cool dres but the picture and the no-body in it really don't do it justice so you'll see it in an outfit sometime soon :) And now.. I am out of money.

May I also please tell you to answer these questions here :)

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janettaylor zei

Luv nautical look!


sue zei

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big kiss