8 mrt. 2010


Okay so if you hadn't quite noticed yet: I quit. I simply can't handle a blog along with school, tumblr, a diary, the band me and friends started, going out with friends, and.. well pretty much a social life makes it impossible for me to continue posting frequently.
You know, maybe in half a year or so I'll reconsider it and start over again, maybe under a new name or maybe with this one still. But right now I just don't feel like it anymore. And once a hobby starts feeling like an obligation, I say quit it. It's not right.
Pity though because in my opinion my outfits started getting better.. But you know, I would have posted them if I simply wanted to put the effort in it. Don't feel insulted because I didn't: 'it's not you, it's me.' And I mean it too.
Other bloggers should just keep up their discipline, will power and amazing posts because I'll still visit their blogs!

Whoo, it feels better once you've officially announced it :') Until whenever!


18 feb. 2010

fall shows

It's not even March yet!

14 feb. 2010

all the heartshaped candy you can eat

I think all is H&M :x

May you find all the love you need,
all the heartshaped candy you can eat.
Love's around you to receive,
if you only just believe.

Happy Valentine's Day! And don't forget the amazing thing Lookbook is doing: give hearts to your favorite looks and donate 10 cents for every one of them to Haiti!
Have you found your soulmate yet? ;)

9 feb. 2010


Shirt, vintage. Skirt, H&M. Cardigan, Benetton. Tights, Hema. Laceups, H&M.

Oh yes, I'm still alive^^ I've just been.. busy? Not really. Lazy? Heck yeah. Plus, these last days I've been really active on twitter and I've created a tumblr: i promise me. I'd tried containing one before about a year ago, and it went badly, and I had nothing to post, but now I do. Hehe.

This outfit is actually from Saturday, when we had dinner at Kagetsu. I promisepromisepromise, that I'll try and post a lot again, but when I don't, follow my tumblr and twitter if you really care to know what I'm up to. Another excuse? It's reaaally cold out (like two-tights-is-far-from-enough-cold) and so I have little to no variety in my outfits. Boooring. Haha.


4 feb. 2010

ooh i loved that movie just as soon as you said you did

Sweater, H&M. Shirt, Sergent Major (French kids store). Necklace, made by my sister (pearler beads!) Bracelets, from my childhood.

Okay, you guys, I don't get why I'm still single with this kind of humor:
Yes, believe it. My mom and I were talking about how I don't own a proper pair of slippers and always parade around the house on my socks. And don't blame me: I had a phase. Got over it soon enough, because it cost me all my allowance, but yes I was into trends and yes, on one cold winter day I biked all the way across the city for.. fake Uggs. UGGGH! And now, they serve as my special keep-your-toes-warm dwarf shoes: with laces! My mom and I DIY-ed this at eleven yesterday night!
You can say all you want about it, but you can't deny that it's original.

And it keeps-my-toes-warm ;)

3 feb. 2010

calm peaceful lover

for the calm-

for the peaceful-

for the lover-