13 jun. 2009


1. Information
Kagetsu is a Japanese restaurant located since 2004 in the Hartenstraat and since 2005 in the Van Woustraat, both in Amsterdam. They serve Japanese specialties such as sushi (and sake), but also teriyaki chicken and salmon, seaweed salad and special ice cream in flavors like 'green tea' and 'sesame'.
- The service and menu is all in English
- The people working there are very friendly and the service is good
- The place looks nice and very oriental
- The menus are cool because they have all kinds of drawings :)
- You'll be more sure of a table when making a reservation
- They only accept cash, so no pin/credit card
- In the Van Woustraat it's possible to order take-away
- When it's your birthday, they give you 'treats' ;)
- You get full easily! You wouldn't say so with all the small bites, but do not order too much.

2. Price ranges
- Small/side dishes like sushi or rice will go from about €2,- through €8,-
- The main dishes range from €10,- through €20,-
- The appetizers and soups are €6,- and under
- Deserts are below €5,-
- 'Alcoholic' drinks are around the €5,- because they're Japanese specials, only the Sake (ginjyou) is €14,50
- Non-alcohol drinks are about €3,- though I'm not completely sure, since they're not on a menu. (You can order apple juice, cassis, coke etc. and just a bottle of water)

3. Recommendations
- Appetizers: the Kaisou Sarada (seaweed salad), the Sake Salad (with salmon) and the Takosu (octopus)
- Sushis: Sake-maki (salmon) and the Ebi (shrimp/cucumber/mayonnaise) especially
- Warm dishes: The Teriyaki Chicken and/or Salmon and the chicken noodles
- a bowl of plain rice (I'm a sucker for it.. :) )
- Deserts: Green tea ice cream (all-time favorite!) and the 'rice cake'
- (I recommend the Van Woustraat: in the Hartenstraat it once took very long before we were helped and then the waiter started acting all weird.. (Can I say that? :|) we've only been there once and in the Van Woustraat about four, five times..)

4. Contact
Van Woustraat 29
1074 AB Amsterdam
tel 020 662 73 40
17.00-23.00 opened, Monday's closed

Hartenstraat 17
1016 BZ Amsterdam
tel 020 427 38 28
17.00-23.00 opened, Monday's closed

Mail address for reservations and questions
Website for directions, more pictures, the full menu etc.

4 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

I love Japanese food! But since I live in such a small city we do not have a Japanese restaurant here.

Damsels zei

seems like a great place to go if your visitng cuz they speak english
We Were Damsels

The Clothes Horse zei

Ooh, I want to go. I love Japanese food.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou zei

thanks for the suggestion - i love that they have the little drawings on the menu!