6 jun. 2009

i thought it would feel different

Hmm, what should I wear. Let's start with a shirt. That's pretty chilly, though.. Add a vest, keep my torso warm.. Now my arms are cold, so, a cardigan, yes. Such a mismatch though, gotta do something about that.. How about some necklaces to add the messy effect, yes, that one, no, this one.. how about that one? Haven't worn it in a long time..

Cardigan, Benetton. Vest & tree shirt, H&M. Jeans, Levi's. Ladybug necklace, from childhood. Fish necklace, DIY (from key chain).

13 opmerkingen:

Damsels zei

love the cardigan with the color of your shirt .

We Were Damsels

Anoniem zei

thanks for posting this!


styledigger zei

Yes I bleached them myself too:)

Anoniem zei

ja hij is echt super, ik heb hem gekocht op mp onder de naam zakhorloge, ze zijn wel heel duur :( en vervolgens aan een ketting gehangen :D xx

Lisa zei

Cute outfit!

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com zei

awww this is too cute!

hope to hear from you
kisses! :)xooxo

Lori zei

i like the play by play ;)
your outfit is cute!

Amelia zei

That vest is super-cool! I love all the buttons.

The Clothes Horse zei

Fun layers. I think the vest is a nice touch.

karl's sweet child zei

aaaa that ladybird neklace is so cute

Cookie zei

love your hairdo!

That London girl zei

love ure hair

Alice X zei

love this outfit and i'm OBSESSSSEEED With your header. gorgeous.